Our Demos

Compliance, Soft Skills, Induction and Onboarding, Performance Support, Behavioural Change...we’ve got customised solutions for each of them and with our expertise of creating courses across industry types (including Banking and Finance, Insurance and Reinsurance, Automobile, Information Technology, Healthcare and Pharma, Retail and so on) you have enough options to choose solutions that suit your requirement.

See and you’ll believe. Take a look at some of our demos

Microlearning Time Management

Microlearning nugget on Time Management

This Microlearning nugget uses scenario-based learning and Gamified activities.

Portal-based Social Learning platform

This portal-based Social Learning platform not just fosters collaborative learning but also offers employees with a platform to receive on-the-job support.

Scenario-based nuggets on a Compliance subject

These scenario-based learning nuggets explain the concept of Insider Dealing in a nutshell. The demos showcase how a dry Compliance concept can be conveyed in an engaging way using scenarios and situations requiring the learners to make decisions.

Gamified Application

Gamified Application Simulation

This Application Simulation is based on the “Do It Yourself” concept. It lets learners explore the different facets and features of the MS Word application in a simulation environment.

Interactive Videos

Interactive Video as a Microlearning nugget

This Interactive Video is a short Microlearning nugget on Managing Customer Expectations. It is interspersed with various interactions allowing learners to pause the video at specific cue points.

Microlearning Featuring

Microlearning nugget featuring Branching Simulation

This Microlearning nugget features a branching scenario with a visual indication of how learners fare with the choices they make.

Microlearning Mobile App

Assessment Based Microlearning Nugget as a Mobile App

The Mobile App features an assessment game which serves as an assessment module for the learners as part of a larger learning program.