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Compliance, Soft Skills, Induction and Onboarding, Performance Support, Behavioural Change...we’ve got customised solutions for each of them and with our expertise of creating courses across industry types (including Banking and Finance, Insurance and Reinsurance, Automobile, Information Technology, Healthcare and Pharma, Retail and so on) you have enough options to choose solutions that suit your requirement.

See and you’ll believe. Take a look at some of our demos

Microlearning Time Management

Microlearning nugget on Time Management

This Microlearning nugget uses scenario-based learning and Gamified activities.

Learning Portal featuring enhanced visual experience - Thumbnail

Learning Portal featuring an enhanced visual experience

This Learning Portal uses a rich blend of 3D virtual environments, VR-based videos, Gamification, Microlearning and more, to deliver a highly engaging, fun-filled learning experience.

Mobile App for employee brand building - thumbnail

Mobile App for employee brand building

This Mobile App uses trending approaches to deliver a Personalised learning experience that is fun to learn, promotes ‘learning on the move’ and encourages the learners to keep coming back for more.

Gamified Platform - Product Training with Social Learning - Thumbnail

Gamified Platform for Product Training with Social Learning elements

This Portal-based solution takes product training to the next level with an effective blend of Gamification, Social Learning and Microlearning.

Interactive Video framework for LMS - Thumbnail

Interactive Video framework for hosting on LMS

This solution features an Interactive Video framework we have built, and which can be hosted on any LMS.

Blended Learning solution - Mobile App - Thumbnail

Blended Learning solution – Mobile App for classroom training support

This Mobile App enables hosting and tracking of classroom sessions in various locations and sharing of relevant job aids.

Learning Platforms with LMS Integration

This Gamified Learning Platform comprising 6 levels is designed for Product Training through scenario-based learning and can be integrated into any LMS.

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