There’s no better teacher than experience. TOPSIM helps learners apply business methods and tools in a risk-free environment. By providing expert guidance, it equips them to deal with uncertainty in the process of decision-making.



What is TOPSIM?

TOPSIM business simulations help sharpen your team’s analysis and decision-making skills. You can use it to analyze realistic business scenarios and make decisions, competing against our system or your colleagues, and then evaluate how your decisions affect your business and the marketplace. It is an immersive way for learners to gain first-hand and risk-free experience in managing a range of business challenges.

Off-the-shelf or Customized

TOPSIM has several ready-to-play topics (view topics). We can also customize any topic to suit the specific needs of your organization.

How can EI help you leverage TOPSIM to up your learning game?

  • Comprehensive business understanding: You can use TOPSIM to experience the complexity and interplay of business functions, markets, and business goals. Learners can analyze detailed financial and competitor data to see how their decisions affect their business.
  • Range of learning needs and audiences: We have successfully implemented simulations suited to the needs of more than 150 corporations, universities, and educational institutions across the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Extensive selection: Clients can choose from more than several off-the-shelf simulations on a licensing basis at
  • Certified trainers: TOPSIM is an Accredited Learning Provider with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), demonstrating EI’s commitment to high quality and process improvement.
  • Support: Certified TOPSIM Trainers can receive support and help by phone and by e-mail at any time.

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