Content Curation

Your challenge

Your learners today are increasingly looking to explore information on their own, learn independently and learn only what’s relevant to them based on their personal preferences. You need approaches that can resonate with the way they look for instant and relevant information in this age of Internet.

What we bring to the table

We give you our Content Curation solution, which we see as an exercise to continually find, filter (group, organise) and share the most relevant content on specific topics and offer it to learners as an online tool or through a portal or platform.

Through our Content Curation solution, you can help your learners:

  • Find the most suitable content from different sources (both from external sources and your existing repository)
  • Filter it so that they only get to see content that’s relevant to them
  • Share the content they’ve found at the right time through the right platform
  • Add value to that content with additional inputs, context or commentary

How else this solution can help you

You can achieve plenty more with our Content Curation solution as it helps you:

  • Put together meaningful content: You don’t need to sweat over gathering and organising all the online and offline resources in your network. This solution will do that for you, helping your learners access them all on a single platform!
  • Empower your L&D team and learners alike: With our Content Curation solution, it’s not just your L&D experts who get to generate and curate content. Your learners play an equally important role in making contextual learning material available for everyone’s benefit.
  • Motivate your learners: The solution enables employees to get recognised and rewarded for their contribution, effective usage and learning achievements.
  • Encourage learning as a continuum: You can help your learners experience constant learning through forums, discussions, chat for peer level collaboration, choice for learners to build paths and share content and establish strong relationships between experts and learners.
  • Provide personalised feedback through analytics: Through some smart data analytics, the solution can provide personalised recommendations/feedback to learners as to what content they should go through.

Take a look at this video to see how this solution works and the kind of impact it can create on the learning:

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