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Upskill Your Modern Learners and Drive Learning On the Go with Mobile-first Experiences

The real impact of Mobile Learning can be felt when you use it to offer learning journeys that include formal and informal training and, notably, resources that help learners exactly at the moment of need. Leveraging the benefits of Mobile-first Learning offers flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, and helps build a learning culture. It is the most effective way for rapid upskilling and delivery of content at scale.

Mobile-first Learning can be updated effortlessly and deployed quickly. It can be used to offer both Formal and Informal Learning. The real questions that organizations need to ponder are “What training needs can be addressed through Mobile Learning” and “How to design and deliver impactful and effective Mobile Learning content?” Hence the need to have the right solution provider who can design effective Mobile Learning content.

Leverage Our Highly Learner-centric Mobile Learning Approach for Better Workplace Engagement and Upskilling

We have created more than 25,000 hours of Mobile Learning and Mobile-first content to address various training needs and learning challenges that our clients have.

  • Addresses remote learners as well as a geographically spread-out audience
  • Higher engagement and better completion rates
  • Easy to update and re-deploy
  • Highly accessible content for a diverse audience
  • Easy to scale and has a quicker reach to the audience
  • Gives learners control over when and how to consume content

Create Robust Learning and Performance Ecosystems with Our Mobile-first Designs

EI’s learner-centric Mobile-first Learning solutions leverage comprehensive learning journeys to create a strong tie between training and on-the-job performance. When integrated with our immersive learning strategies, our Mobile Learning solutions have a huge impact on your learners. They reinforce learning and bridge the gap between training and performance by leveraging extended learning journeys that retain a connection beyond the core learning journey.

L&D leaders can leverage Mobile Learning to support constantly evolving business needs. By creating a learning ecosystem based approach that incorporates Learning in the Flow of Work (LIFOW), you can leverage Mobile Learning to push learning acquisition to application. We can help you leverage Mobile Learning to create robust Learning and Performance Ecosystems with strategies such as Personalization, Gamification, Microlearning, and Performance Support Tools.

Leverage the Power Triad—Mobile Learning, Microlearning, and Gamification—to Create Immersive Learning Experiences

  • Influence change in thinking
  • Skill building
  • Trigger behavioral change
  • Reduce the proficiency gap
  • Sticky learning and its effective application on the job

You can create myriad combinations that:

  • Can be delivered in the Mobile Learning/Mobile App format
  • Feature Gamified Microlearning (as nuggets or as a learning pathway)
  • Have Microlearning nuggets that could be Gamified elements, or only the learning path featuring the nuggets may be Gamified
  • Integrate immersive approaches like Virtual Reality (VR) – in part or over a Gamified learning journey driven by the VR approach

Harness the Power Our Mobile Learning Solution in Your Corporate Trainings

  • Leverage Mobile Learning across the 70-20-10 model
  • LIFOW and moment of need learning
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Drive deliberate practice
  • Offsetting the Forgetting Curve and for reinforcement learning
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits
  • Beverage and Tobacco
  • Information Technology and Computer Software
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Management Consulting
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Universities and Continuing Education
  • Airlines, Aviation, and Aerospace
  • Automotive sector
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Induction and Onboarding
  • Leadership Training
  • Sales and Sales Enablement Training
  • Application Simulations Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Product Training
  • Professional Skills Training
  • Sustainability Training

Ranked #3 in eLearning Industry’s list of Top Content Providers for Mobile Learning.

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