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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning refers to training that is available to the learners on mobile devices giving them the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, on the go, and on the device of their choice. They are typically designed to allow learners to use the same course across devices (multi-device support that provides access to courses across laptops/desktops to tablets/smartphones).

Mobile Learning for employee training addresses the changing expectations of learners on how they want to learn. It also aligns well to the needs of the changing composition of the workforce (that now includes Millennials).

It is also able to leverage on the high-impact Microlearning formats that make the learning bite-sized and easily digestible. You can also leverage immersive approaches like Gamification, Videos, and Interactive Videos, and Mobile Apps for learning to multiply its impact.

The reason Mobile Learning for employee training is becoming a “must-have” approach from a “good-to-have” approach is on account of several benefits it offers.

The key benefits being:

  • A learner-centric approach: It provides the required control to the learners to take the training when they want, on the go, and on the device of their choice.
  • It offers higher learner engagement.
  • It can be used effectively to push for a higher application of acquired learning.
  • It leads to better completion rates.
  • It creates a learning pathway that encourages learners to keep coming back (focuses on facilitating a “pull” vs “push” of the traditional training delivery).
  • It leverages on social or collaborative learning.
  • It can be used to offer Formal Training, Performance Support (job aids), and support for ILT.

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How we can help you

We can help you implement Mobile Learning for:

  • Formal training (particularly, in a learning path featuring Microlearning).
  • Performance Support intervention through job aids (within the learners’ workflow and to provide the required support at the moment of their need).
  • Support to Instructor Led Training or ILT.

Mobile Learning for employee training is being used to address varied corporate training needs. It is now a mainstay approach for online training delivery. We can show you how to use it to address corporate training needs, including:

  • Induction and onboarding.
  • Soft skills training.
  • Professional skills training.
  • Product training.
  • Sales training.
  • Leadership training.

This is not all. It is also finding the adoption for:

  • Compliance training.
  • Application simulations training.

Mobile Learning for employee training is slowly transitioning from mobile-friendly to mobile-first. With the maturing of authoring tools to create engaging and immersive learning experiences that are optimized for the consumption of content on mobile devices, Mobile Learning for employee training is undergoing a significant shift.

  • While the previous avatar of Mobile Learning offered multi-device support (learners could seamlessly work across laptops/desktops and tablets/smartphones), this approach was adaptive or mobile friendly.
  • In contrast, Mobile Learning for employee training is now completely responsive or a mobile-first approach that features learning designs and interactions that are optimized for smartphones.

At EI Design, we have a large Mobile Learning solutions practice. We had set up this practice in 2011, and to date, we have created nearly 2,000 hours of Mobile Learning content for employee training. Look at the Case Study on our Mobile Learning solution for more information.

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