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Continuous Learning

Drive Org-wide Growth Strategies and Engagement by Building a Strong Learning Culture

The evolving business landscape has made it vital to secure employee commitment to the company mission and build connected workplaces. Adapting learning as part of the company culture is therefore imperative to attract top talent and retain them. We can help you transform your learning culture and design learning programs that drive engagement, build a growth mindset, and develop a culture of lifelong learning.

Our comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystem helps drive continuous learning strategies to address various learner needs as well as drive learning outside of the regular Formal Learning, assessment, and completion cycle. We can help you support your modern learners to learn quickly, apply the acquired learning effectively, and get access to relevant content and just-in-time learning aids—through core and extended learning journeys and immersive learning environments. Our Continuous Learning solutions will help learners effectively bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application.

Our Solutions

Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

We weave PSTs into a “learning path” and keep the knowledge thread relevant via an appropriate sequence over the course of your identified training period. Discover how!

Informal Learning

Learn how we can help you shift your training spend from Formal to Informal Learning strategies for a balanced approach, meeting training mandates effectively.

Social Learning

To realize the full potential of Social Learning, we help our clients select initiatives that have a common goal and facilitate participation.

Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Our consulting services promote a culture of continuous learning with a focus on Self-Directed Learning by leveraging Learning Portals, Social Learning, and Curation for just-in-time learning resources.

Content Curation

We will help you support Formal and Informal Training and boost Self-Directed Learning through our Content Curation services that help identify on-demand and relevant content.


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