Continuous Learning

The 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development advocates that Formal Training constitutes only 10% of the learning. Take a look at how we can support learners through other modes and facilitate continuous learning.


Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience. (Denis Waitley)

Why should organizations invest in continuous learning strategies?

Organizations make substantial trainings investments every year. However, most of these are toward Formal training. The learners need easy access to courses and supporting resources that can support “learning as a continuum.” Multi-tasking and pressed for time, they don’t want to log on to an LMS to locate a course that may have the answer to their need/challenge. With work from home being the new normal, they want learning resources to be within their workflow (read – on their smartphone). By using continuous learning strategies, organizations can address learners’ various needs as well as drive learning outside the Formal Learning environment.

How can EI help you enable continuous learning?

EI can help you support remote users to learn quickly, apply the acquired learning effectively, and get access to relevant content and just-in-time learning aids. Our solutions will help learners effectively bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application.

Take a look at our rich portfolio that has solutions to aid/facilitate learning at the time of need through Performance Support Tools or just-in-time learning aids, Self-Directed and Informal Learning, guided or semi-guided exploration to aid learning through curated content, and Collaborative or Social Learning.

Continuous Learning Solutions
Performance Support Tools

PSTs are specific learning or job aids that assist learners exactly at the moment of their need. Find out how we can offer a wide range of our PST formats that will boost your training impact.


Informal Learning

Organizations are recognizing the need to shift their training spend that is being used largely for Formal Training to a more balanced approach. Learn how you can use Informal Learning strategies to meet your mandate.


Social Learning

As kids, our key learning is learning with and from others and this continues to be a significant way we continue learning, even when we are working. Find out how you can invest on providing platforms to promote Social or Collaborative Learning in trainings.


Self-Directed Learning

In the SDL mode, the onus of learning, determination of learning paths, and how they consume it is with the learners. Learn how to empower your learners and provide the complete control of the learning to them.


Content Curation

The Internet delivers access to information in seconds, but we still need to revise the maze of data to identify what we really need. Find out how you can use Content Curation to offset this challenge and offer on-demand, relevant content to the users.


Want to learn how you can foster continuous learning by driving learning outside the Formal Learning environment?


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