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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training

Build a Thriving and Equitable Workforce With Our DEI Ecosystem

There is no question about the fact that a safe, human-centered, and inclusive workplace can be more productive, efficient, flexible, and can power growth and creative thinking to execute great customer experiences. However, organizations still have a long way to go in meeting the mandates of an inclusive environment.

According to the Josh Bersin Academy, just one in five companies hold themselves accountable for DEI in their business practices, and 40% see DEI as a compliance issue. Understanding the people and teams that employees work with is critical in achieving the common goals set out by managers and business leaders. EI creates effective learning ecosystems and journeys that help you create common goals, help overcome biases, build inclusive teams and leaders, change mindsets, and drive behavioral change.

Learning Strategies That Enable Behavior Change for an Inclusive Workplace

Our wide variety of DEI learning strategies will help you:

  • Capture the learner’s attention, create unique learner interventions, and drive greater learning depth and retention through immersive learning strategies like Videos, Gamification, Story-Based Learning, and Virtual Reality
  • Bring real-world experiences to your training by using techniques like Scenario-Based Learning, Branching Simulations, and Interactive Videos
  • Create Rater Zones for practice and positive reinforcement that lead to new behaviors, actions, and a greater value for learning, through Blended Learning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, and Personalized Learning

EI’s Approach: Creating a DEI Ecosystem

Organizations need to address the “why” behind DEI, that is awareness about one’s own culture and that of others to build a high-performing, connected workforce. Our approach goes beyond standalone trainings and creates a DEI Ecosystem to achieve this goal. Our structured and proven DEI Ecosystem approach puts learners at the center, and uses multiple channels to ensure that meaningful mindset changes occur throughout the organization.

DEI training is about bringing a positive change in workplace behaviors and biases, and requires an approach that is driven through a structured DEI Learning Ecosystem:

Creating Awareness and Mindset Change: Understand your organizational culture and the realities of your workplace to create targeted learning programs.

Adopting Immersive Learning Strategies: Drive adoption and retention by curating a blend of immersive learning strategies.

Reinforcing Learning Using Job Aids and Rater Zones: Reinforce key concepts to offset the Forgetting Curve through practice zones and job aids.

Coaching, Feedback, and Social Learning: Use peer-to-peer learning, coaching, mentoring, and other social and collaborative learning techniques.

Measuring the Impact of the DEI Ecosystem and Learning Strategies

EI recognizes that implementing DEI goes beyond an increased demographic representation. We measure success against DEI goals through qualitative and quantitative measures.

Quantitative measures include analyzing the hiring data, employee experience, and retention/attrition data through the lens of gender, ethnicity, age, location, and organizational position.

The qualitative impact of our DEI Ecosystem helps improve employee engagement resulting in improved performance, enhances self-awareness and ability to overcome unconscious bias, and create a workplace culture that embraces diversity.

We have 24 formats across various platforms that can be selected based on the nature of the content and how it should be applied. The new-age formats we support include:

  • Gamified Microlearning
  • Immersive Microlearning Using AR/VR
  • Mobile Apps
  • Micro Interactive Videos
  • Compact Simulations and Branching Scenarios
  • Mini Games, Quizzes, and Assessments
  • A Combination of Microlearning, Gamification, and Mobile Learning

EI has leveraged Microlearning for customers across 26 industry verticals.

  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits
  • Beverage and Tobacco
  • Information Technology and Computer Software
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Management Consulting
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Universities and Continuing Education
  • Airlines, Aviation, and Aerospace
  • Automotive Sector
  • Professional Skills Training
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Induction and Onboarding
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
  • Sustainability Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Application Simulations Training
  • Product Training
  • Soft Skills Training

Ranked #2 in the Top Content Providers for Diversity and Inclusion Training in 2023.

Awarded Silver by Brandon Hall Group for Best Learning Program that Supports and Promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2022.

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