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Customized Approaches to Address Your Diverse Corporate Training Needs

L&D is now responsible for addressing challenges that are getting more complex, immediate, and wide-reaching. In addition to addressing regular training requirements, they need to make sure training contributes to the overall organizational competency. It is widely accepted that training can be the most effective tool for enhancing employee experience, improving well-being, and boosting productivity. Organizations need to align training outcomes with business needs and find ways to bridge the skill gap in order to meet those business goals.

Our solutions are known for providing high visual impact, building engagement, creating sticky learning experiences, and improving employee performance. We start with a clear understanding of your vision, program, goals, and success factors. Through a combination of an Agile and Consultative approach leveraging Design Thinking, we help you arrive at the optimal learning design that will resonate well with the target audience.

Instead of piecemeal trainings, we leverage our unique Learning and Performance Ecosystem. With the learner in the center, it provides room for Formal Training, just-in-time learning aids, as well as avenues for Social and Self-Directed Learning.

Pick from a wide range of innovative approaches to address your specific corporate training needs.

Our Solutions

Leadership Training

EI helps groom leadership at all levels, implementing techniques for higher ROI. Motivation, engagement, and continuous learning lead to improved completion rates and behavioral change. We also ensure Self-Directed Learning.

Compliance Training

We experiment with diverse Compliance Training strategies, ensuring successful mandate fulfillment for clients. Our approach involves applying comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystems, immersive learning, and effective behavioral change triggers.

Sales Training

Pick from our rich set of strategies, including fast-tracking your sales training using a combination of approaches, leveraging learning strategies, or using mLearning to provide a complete sales toolkit.

Induction and Onboarding Training

Shorten time-to-productivity with our immersive Induction and Onboarding Training programs. Our well-designed strategies expedite success in staffing initiatives, ensuring effective new hire integration.

Application Simulations Training

We deliver high-impact Application Training for new rollouts and upgrades, with the ROI being significantly higher in mass implementation scenarios spanning several geographies due to the scalability of the solutions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

See how our strategies along with a structured and proven DEI Learning and Performance Ecosystem approach can help you facilitate broader inclusion in the workplace by changing mindsets and overcoming biases.

Professional Skills Training

Professional Skills Training is goal-oriented and results-driven learning with formats being determined basis the training need. We offer a unique blend of strategies that enable behavioral change to meet the desired learning mandate.

Business Sustainability Training

Our L&D Advisory guides Business Sustainability Training’s digital transformation. It aligns with business, gains executive buy-in, fosters a digital learning culture, and promotes agility in managing change.

Product Training

We create impactful Product Training using Video, Gamified simulations, Microlearning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. AR-VR technologies are now revolutionizing exploratory learning and helping our customers gain higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS)!

Soft Skills Training

Designing Soft Skills Training is challenging as skills need development, not just learning. Putting learners in control is crucial for successful training. Explore our strategies to enhance competitiveness and meet modern business needs.


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