Recognition and rewards are the top 2 things that motivate employees. So, why not include them in learning strategies? Take a pick from our Gamification solutions to drive employee performance and behavioral change.


67% of students reported that a gamified course was more motivating than a traditional course. (Taylor & Francis Online)

What is the importance of Gamification in corporate training?

As Gamification provides a learning journey that enables having fun while learning, the learners welcome it. However, L&D teams who invest in it still have reservations on the value, impact, or the ROI of this spend.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that the success of any learning strategy is measured by the effectiveness of its application. If you create a Gamification concept that can capture and hold learners’ attention, challenge them, engage and ensure they complete the journey, plus teach them – this will indeed deliver the desired impact. Thus, well-designed Gamification based trainings provide value to organizations as well as learners at many levels.

How do learners respond to Gamification for learning?

Recognition and rewards matter to all of us and using these cues to have a learning journey where you can have “fun as you learn” resonates with the learners. Well-crafted Gamification concepts provide high value for the learners translating to higher motivation and engagement, creating more immersive learning journeys, facilitating a sticky learning experience, and flexibility – which can be used to facilitate application, practice for proficiency gain, and influence thinking and drive behavioral change.

Why should organizations and L&D teams consider Gamification for corporate training?

The appropriate use of Gamification helps meet learning outcomes – at par with other learning strategies. It creates better recall and retention and leads to better completion rates. An engaging learning journey helps learners achieve greater learning outcomes more effectively as compared to a traditional training approach.

How can EI help you create the desired impact through Gamification?

At EI, we have a very mature Gamification practice. Our focus has always been on using techniques that enable us to create higher learner engagement, immersive learning approaches, and sticky learning. We can help you with learning experiences that are packed with reinforcement, challenges that stimulate a refresh or review of primary learning resources, practice zones for proficiency gain, trigger change in thinking, and finally, influence behavioral change.

EI’s Gamification Expertise – Options to Create High-impact Corporate Training


Game based learning

Here, the entire learning path is transformed into a game. The game is used to meet learning objectives.


Gamified learning path

This echoes a learning path that has challenges aggregating to gaining proficiency at different levels. It too features scores, badges, and leaderboards.


Gamified portal

This is a Next Gen Gamified technique that assimilates concepts like learning paths with Microlearning, Personalization, and Social Learning, while retaining the essential aspects of the previous two approaches (scores, badges, and leaderboards).


Long-term Gamification

This involves the completion of larger milestones, real-time simulations, monthly evaluations of learner’s performance, and so on.


Tactile and multi-platform Gamification

This format features Virtual Reality, mobile, and wearable technology.


Microlearning based Gamification

This approach offers learners a “bite-sized” Gamification experience.


Personalized Gamification

This format features Personalized Learning and gaming paths for learners.


Social media based Gamification

This format helps learners collaboratively deal with challenges and solve problems.


Partial Gamification

This is the entry level usage of Gamification and can be applied as a Gamified Quiz or Assessment in a traditional eLearning course.

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