“It’s play that helps us do serious things better.”

– Daniel Debow


It’s about boosting the motivation and engagement quotient, isn’t it? To take that learner engagement level a notch higher, what you should be looking at is not just standard Gamification elements but Next Gen Gamification approaches. Don’t just challenge your learners with points, badges, and leaderboards. Challenge the status quo.

EI Design has bagged many awards these past few years for its expertise in creating engaging and compelling eLearning Gamification solutions. eLearning Gamification solutions for compliance training is our forte, and we can help you achieve the required employee engagement.

We have eLearning Next Gen Gamification solutions such as:

Check out our video on 5 examples of Next Gen Gamification for corporate training to gain a better perspective.

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Irrespective of whether you’re looking to adopt eLearning Gamification solutions for the first time or are looking to take your Gamification approaches to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you with insights on:

  • Which of your training needs will benefit from Gamification.
  • How our eLearning Gamification solutions will create the required performance gain.
  • How you can enhance the impact with the integration of approaches like Social Learningand Microlearning along with Gamification.
  • Pumping up your traditional eLearning with Partial Gamification.
  • Enriching your ILT trainings using Gamified Assessments.
  • Effectively using learning paths (with a wide range of learning assets).
  • Creating assessment-based Gamification Apps.

Look at the Case Study on our eLearning Gamification solution for more information.

Case Study

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