Compliance Training

Compliance Trainings can be often boring and preachy. We can help you implement compelling Compliance Trainings by using innovative strategies that successfully influence user behavior and create higher conformance.


Compliance trainings are crucial and mandatory for organizations and unless they are crafted with learning strategies that connect with the leaners, they will not deliver the required impact.

What is the significance of Compliance Training for organizations?

Compliance Training is a crucial training for organizations who must comply with the policies and procedures from Government or Regulatory bodies. As an extension, the Compliance Training requires 100% conformance, and it must be completed a certain number of times during the year.

However, Compliance Training is one of the most challenging aspects of employee development. Despite their value, every employee dreads taking it. Unlike other trainings that help learners perform better and motivate them to take them, this is not the case with Compliance Trainings.

What are the challenges that organizations face with Compliance Trainings?

At EI, we have been working with Compliance teams of our customers spread across the world for nearly two decades now. In fact, one in 6 courses we develop is on Compliance.

Over these years, we have seen the following key challenges:

  1. More often than not, the topic of Compliance tends to be boring, or worse – preachy. Shockingly, adult learners aren’t into it either.
  2. Learners are motivated by many things – gaining new knowledge, acquiring new skills, or becoming better at their job. Unlike the courses designed to meet these objectives, Compliance-based Trainings are “mandated” – read forced. This creates an immediate push-back from the learner and kills most of the intrinsic motivation to take them.
  3. Compliance Trainings typically follow a predictable flow. Facts > Policies > Punishment > Quiz > Repeat. This formulaic design leads to a complete lack of engagement.

This leads us to the crux of the problem. Considering Compliance Trainings are crucial and mandatory for organizations, unless they are crafted with learning strategies that connect with the leaners, they will not deliver the required impact.

Why should you invest on a non-traditional approach for Compliance Training?

Our belief is that to create efficient Compliance Trainings, you need to take an amalgamated approach that factors for engaging learners at multiple levels.

Their learning path should be designed as per our 3-tiered strategy for a high-impact Compliance Training.

  1. Begin with messages to create awareness: You can use assets like eMailers (featuring Infographics), Posters, and Teaser Videos to achieve this mandate.
  2. Adopt interactive learning featuring immersive strategies: Opt for interactive learning featuring immersive strategies like Microlearning, Video and Interactive Video Based Learning, Gamification, Guided exploration based active learning, Personalization, Scenario Based Learning, and Story Based Learning.
  3. Retain a connect with learners even after the completion of the training: Include learning aids as reinforcement and on-going connects.
How can EI help you create Compliance Trainings that deliver the desired impact and results?

Our approach of Compliance Training strategies has helped our customers meet their mandate. It includes a comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach and immersive and sticky learning strategies. We also offer learning aids that will trigger the required behavioral change. We have experimented with a broad spectrum of Compliance Training strategies that have helped our customers in meeting their mandate successfully.

Our approach in creating interesting and engaging Compliance Training strategies includes:

  1. Consultation on establishing a comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach.
  2. The use of immersive and sticky learning strategies that push learners to analyze and act correctly (in line with the Compliance mandate).
  3. By using different variants of Scenario Based Training, we make Compliance Trainings compelling and achieve the required results (conformance, change in thinking, or behavioral change).
  4. Offering learning aids (Performance Support Tools or PSTs) that help reinforce the primary message or highlight new perspectives that may have emerged post the initial training.
  5. We recommend a sustained use of learning aids over a period of time that will trigger the required behavioral change.
  6. Continuing the connect with the learners (post the roll-out of the Compliance Training), and one investment we recommend is to create Communities of practice that focus on your various Compliance Training programs. This focus can truly help you deliver your Compliance mandate successfully.

Want to create Compliance Trainings that connect with your learners and drive behavioral change?

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