L&D Advisory Services

Despite the changed workplace dynamics brought around by the pandemic, the need to create and execute a learning strategy that has a real impact on learner behavior and business outcomes remains unchanged. See how EI’s L&D Advisory services ensures that your investments in training deliver business results.


L&D Advisory Services

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. (Michael Porter)

Situational Analysis

Organizations continually strive to create and execute a learning strategy that has a real impact on behaviors and business outcomes. A strong learning strategy, the tools to execute it, and the ability to demonstrate value is crucial in creating a more impactful, engaging learning experience that improves individual and business performance.

Factors that drive corporations to improve their learning strategies include the following:

  • Improve learner engagement.
  • Initiate a stronger tie between learning and performance.
  • Better measurement strategies and demonstrating the training impact.
  • Revaluating the learning technology ecosystem to offer a more modernized approach.

Challenges to the Business

Most learning is still very event-based, without enough follow-up, reinforcement, or opportunities to apply knowledge. These leave organizations ill-equipped not only to meet the rapidly changing challenges of today but also to ensure their workforce has the skills and knowledge required for the future.

Implications for the Business

The implications are two-fold. For the learner, the learning experience is fading, and learner engagement continues to gradually decline. For the organization, employees are not learning what they need to know to maintain compliance, develop new competencies and skills, and advance their capabilities leading to negative implications, including a lack of innovation and creativity that makes the organization uncompetitive.

What Can Organizations Do to Offset These Challenges?

In order to meet new demands, organizations have been relying majorly on L&D teams to reskill and upskill the workforce. But it is critical that companies understand the kind of impact the changed workplace dynamics has had on their employees. They are overwhelmed by the new style of working in addition to the new roles and processes brought in place.

L&D teams must take a holistic, learner-centric approach that maintains a continuous and personalized learning in the flow of work. Learners should be able to access to relevant, on-demand content where, when, and how they need it.

How Can EI Help in This Endeavor?

We help our customers create high-impact virtual training strategies along with its implementation. From training effectiveness and its impact to upskilling trainers in smoothly transitioning from ILT/VILT/Blended approach, our Advisory services will help you develop a sustainable strategy.

Here are a few ways in which we help our customers:

  • Supporting change management, upskilling trainers, and accelerating Virtual Training adoption.
  • Evaluating delivery possibilities and directing with the right one (VILT, Blended, or Online).
  • Incorporating tips, strategies, and best practices that help engage remote learners.
  • Providing immersive learning strategies, incorporating on-demand learning in the flow of work and Personalized Learning pathways.
  • Strategizing how to futureproof training and establishing a long-term blueprint for corporate training.
  • Leveraging the Learning and Performance Ecosystem to push continuous learning, performance gain, and behavioral change.

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