Virtual Reality (VR)

To create immersive learning journeys, we offer our unique framework (eXPerience 360) to create a complete VR-driven learning, or you can pick VR based nuggets as part of the Microlearning based learning paths.


171 million people could be using VR hardware and software worldwide by 2018. (KZero)

What value does Virtual Reality bring to training programs?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the process of creating a virtual 3D environment. It uses advanced 360-degree image and video capture to build immersive experiences for users to engage, explore, and interact with.

VR involves interacting with a simulated environment and being challenged to explore new points of view. It promotes the concept of ‘learn by doing.’ It is about engaging in real-life scenarios and immersive learning in simulated environments to explore and discover appropriate content. With Virtual Reality, you can help learners experience, engage, and be inspired beyond the limitations of traditional learning methods.

How can EI help you leverage VR technology for learning?

We can help you to convert your existing eLearning to 360 virtual learning by using our custom 360 VR Framework. We can enhance your learning with a wide range of templates, as our Framework supports various engaging and immersive interactions, including Branching Simulations.  ​

We offer the following VR experiences that create highly immersive learning:

  1. 360 image panoramas with hotspots that show key learning in popup cards.
  2. 360 images or videos with interactive hotspots that show key learning content in crisp and engaging formats like videos, links, job aids, quizzes, mini games, and so on.
  3. 3D virtual experience with immersive experience using virtual scenarios involving avatars, interaction between characters, and task performance.
  4. 360 real videos with real characters used to create virtual simulations with decision making and Gamification.
Use Cases to Leverage VR in Corporate Trainings


Induction and Onboarding Training

We can build 360-degree virtual experience for new joiners to get to know the organization they are joining, sometimes even before the date of joining.


Sales Training Simulations

We can also build complex sales process simulations using a 360 environment of a retail outlet with complex Branched Scenarios and decision-making points impacting KPIs.


Gamified Scenario Based Training

We can create conversation based scenarios related to practical on-the-job situations that can be gamified using challenges, rewards, and scores.


Health and Safety Compliance Training

We can provide employees a real-life experience of risky scenarios on health and safety hazards in heavy engineering or chemical plants.


Healthcare Workers Training

We can provide a virtual experience using real-life situations for healthcare workers to practice complex medical procedures in a safe environment.


Industrial Equipment Operations/Process Training

We can provide Virtual 360-degree simulations of heavy machinery to demonstrate operating procedures with hotspots on crucial steps of the operation.

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