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5 Examples of Interactive Video Solutions for Corporate Training


The usage of videos for corporate training purposes has been an established practice for many years now. But, this also has its drawbacks as longer run length videos tend to make the learner get lot in the process and create a rift in attention and learning. It also generates an obstacle when cognition levels are higher and the learners are required to analyze and apply the learning.

Now, with the advancement of technology, learners are able to have better engagement in courses. We can also leverage on learning and enhance videos by adding interactive elements to it, making learners meet the required goals and increase the level of engagement as well as appealing to different learner types.

Here are 5 killer examples of how Interactive Video solutions can be used to enhance corporate training.



These 5 examples of interactive framework will certainly ensure that your learners are actively engaged in the learning process. You can use these Interactive Video solutions to craft high-impact corporate training for formal training as well as for performance support.

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