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The mandate

It has now been proved. Organisations that adopted Social Learning saw an increase in their ROI and want to continue investing in them. If you aren’t incorporating Social Learning elements in your learning strategy and tapping on the power of collaborative learning, you’re missing out on something big time!

How we can help you

If you’re looking to adopt Social Learning for the first time or are seeking effective ways of implementing it in your learning strategy, we can help you with insights on:

  • Which of your training needs will benefit from Social Learning
  • How our solution will create the required performance gain
  • How you can enhance the impact with integration of approaches like Microlearning and Gamification and Performance Support along with Social Learning
  • The right kind of platforms that enable Social Learning or integration of Social Learning within existing platforms
  • The techniques that can be used to enable a collaborative learning environment like sharing, recommending and curation of content

What else?

We can help you use Social Learning to:

  • Personalise the learning experience for your learners
  • Facilitate discussions and collaboration among learners on specific learning topics
  • Encourage learners to share their thoughts and opinions in different formats (images, videos and so on)
  • Offer a medium for on-the-job support for learners
  • Support your formal learning
  • Create “Communities of Practice” for learner groups
  • Build a structured Social Learning framework
  • Manage the inflow of informal content effectively

Take a look at this video to see how we brought greater engagement and collaboration among our employees using our Social Learning platform:

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