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Flash to HTML5 Migration

Convert Your Legacy eLearning Courses to Create High-Impact Training

Till the 2010s, Flash was among the standard authoring tools for online courses. However, its popularity began to dwindle for several reasons such as its high cost and heavy load on CPUs, its need for additional plug-ins, multi-device incompatibility, and not being SEO-friendly.

Where Flash fell short, HTML5 provided faster and better ways to get things done. Once Adobe announced that it would no longer support Flash on all platforms after December 2020, global L&D teams needed to migrate their Flash-based courses to HTML5.

EI’s Hassle-Free Flash to HTML5 Migration Process

To help migrate to HTML5, EI’s team of experts analyze your L&D needs and then recommend cost-effective solutions following 3 easy steps:

Scan the Systems – EI’s intelligent assistant, UnFlash, scans through your existing e-learning courses and identifies Flash-dependent objects.

Build a Blueprint – Our experts prepare a content inventory and strategy to either refresh or retire the Flash objects.

Convert the Content – The Flash content is successfully upgraded using a blend of manual and automated processes.

Successfully Migrate to HTML5 and Create Higher Impact Training

While the Flash to HTML5 migration is a necessity, it is also an opportunity to adopt learning strategies for higher impact training and a better ROI.

EI has the expertise to migrate legacy Flash courses while also revamping learner experience. Based on our assessment and your new mandate, we help build a strategy based on:

  • Designed for Mobile: As the migration is being planned, we redesign courses to either be mobile-friendly (adaptive) or mobile-first (fully responsive)
  • Immersive Learning Strategies: We examine and implement learning strategies that drive higher learner engagement and stickier learning experiences
  • Rich Media Formats: We use rich media formats to provide courses with a modern look and feel, rather than re-purposing old media
  • Enhanced Learnability: This involves strategies like Microlearning and Social Learning for better retention, using learning journeys and integrating Performance Support Tools within the learners’ workflow
  • Personalized Learning: This approach provides focused learning nuggets that align with learners’ interests, proficiency, and role. This would especially appeal to your Millennial and Gen Z workforce

Transform Learner Experience and Outcomes with EI’s Expertise

Our team can help you migrate from Flash to HTML5 at scale, with speed, and modernize your legacy courses with more immersive learning strategies. To re-build learning resources in next-gen formats, we will set the strategy based on the required training objectives and budgets. This will show an improvement on various levels, including:

  • Learner motivation
  • Learner engagement
  • Better knowledge retention
  • Higher completion rates
  • Better application of the acquired learning, on the job

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Awarded Gold by Brandon Hall Group for Best Advance in Custom Content 2023.

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