Maximize the impact of your training with EI Design’s Flash
to HTML5 eLearning migration.

Migration of Legacy Courses to HTML5

With an increase in Mobile Learning, organizations now seek to convert their Flash courses to HTML5 to adapt to this change. With our years of expertise in Flash to HTML5 eLearning migration, we can help you achieve the desired return on your migration investment.

Take a look at 3 examples on how to use migration as an opportunity to enhance the impact of your eLearning.

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We can help you with our expertise in Flash to HTML5 eLearning migration in the following ways:

  • Mere migration (Technology uplift).
  • Migration cum enhancement of learning experience.
  • Further value adds in terms of evaluating the course against our learnability framework.

We will also provide you with inputs on:

  • The stuff to watch out for before you begin your Migration exercise.
  • How you should begin your Migration exercise.
  • The action.

As part of drawing up of the action plan, we will help you with insights on:

  • Choosing between Adaptive or Responsive designs.
  • Selecting the appropriate authoring tool.
  • Prioritizing the courses to be migrated.
  • Ensuring the readiness of supporting aspects such as security policy updates, compatibility of your LMS and browsers with HTML5 and so on.
  • Pilot and sampling to test the user experience.
  • Enhancing the learnability or learning effectiveness of your course using our learnability framework.

To capitalize on the Flash to HTML5 migration and make the best out of this option, get a free consultation from us.

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