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Determining skill gaps and defining strategic goals is a complex process, as is assessing the effectiveness of training and its impact on the learners and business KPIs. Take a look at how we can help you ensure your training investments drive performance gain to address gaps and maximize training ROI by driving measurable business results. 


What are the challenges L&D faces with respect to improving training effectiveness and impact? 

At a time when the L&D function has been tasked with doing more with less in terms of budget, headcount, skillsets, and technology, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure the business is getting its maximum bang for the buck when it comes to learning. 

For the learner, the learning experience is waning, and learner engagement continues to steadily decline. For the organization, learning may not be well aligned with the needs of the business, and it is difficult to measure learning impact. Poor strategy development and alignment, along with an inadequate technology ecosystem means employees are not learning what they need to know to maintain compliance, develop new competencies and skills, and advance their capabilities. This leads to negative outcomes including a lack of innovation and creativity that can make an organization lose its competitive edge. 

How can EI help you improve training effectiveness and efficiency and maximize its eventual impact on the business? 

Optimal Virtual Training Transformation 

We help our customers create high-impact virtual training strategies and implement those strategies. From training effectiveness and its impact to upskilling trainers in transitioning from ILT/VILT/Blended approach, our Advisory Services will help you develop a sustainable strategy. 

Technology Migration and Redesigning Content to Next Gen Formats 

With our deep expertise in technology and upcoming trends, we can direct organizations with technology transitions and minimize training investments. Presently, this dynamic portfolio offers services such as creating LXP-like experiences on traditional/legacy LMS platforms and using Learner Analytics. 

Determining Training Impact and ROI 

EI’s measurement model ensures the learning function can demonstrate its impact on the business—and its ROI. We will help you gain more accurate insights on where you should be making future investments, further maximizing the return on investment. 

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