Privacy Policy

EI Design is very sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet. We believe it is important you know how we treat your information and what we receive from you, on the Internet.

About Our Privacy Policy

EI Design gathers data, processes and utilizes it purely for business purposes, and makes sure that it is kept confidential. This Policy is intended toward the following customers/users of our website:

  • Users who log in to make use of our services.
  • Users who log in to subscribe to our newsletters.
  • Users who log in to download our eBooks.
  • Users who log in to watch our webinars.
  • Customers who contact us via our “Contact Us” form or other forms on the website.
  • Customers or visitors who access our website for eLearning purposes.

This Policy is aimed at notifying you of the ways in which we assemble, determine, and use your information—your name, email address, address, other contact details, or other information that you enter in our website when making use of our services. Please ensure to take some time out to read our Privacy Policy thoroughly. This policy is also consistent with our Cookie Policy wherein we ensure the protection of your privacy as well offer you a user-friendly experience.

The following sections talk about the user’s data inputs, the use of information by EI Design, and data protection rights—including the user’s right to restrict or object to processing personal information.

Acquiring Information

All our content is accessible to users who visit our website. However, there may be certain services or features that require the visitor to register. On registering, the user must confirm his or her membership by clicking on the activation link that has been sent to his or her email. Those who have their accounts activated have the facility of writing reviews/articles. They also have the accessibility of writing press releases and go through other processes.

Depending on the items the user wants to access, the user needs to fill in the following personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Company name, size, industry, state, and country
  • Job title, focus, and level
  • Purchasing authority
  • Work phone

EI Design also automatically traces and collects specific non-personal data such as IP addresses, URLs, and timestamps.

Information Use

After we assemble your data, we conduct an internal research to identify your interests, demographics, and behaviors to better serve, understand, and protect you. We use this data to analyze, administer, personalize, and enhance our services; upgrade our marketing strategies; and improve our communications with you by processing your registration and orders. For example, the information collected is used solely for the following purposes:

  • Troubleshoot problems; determine consumer interest in our services; help promote safe matching; notify you about products, services, offers, and updates; identify and protect us against fraud, errors, and other criminal activity; customize your experience; apply our TOS; and as otherwise expressed to you at the point of collection. We may also compare and evaluate your business information for accuracy, errors, or omissions.
  • We send you promotions and newsletters, in accordance with the e-mail address associated with your account, about our services that you have shown interest in. To unsubscribe to our newsletter e-mail, click the unsubscription link in the newsletter e-mail.
  • If you use our website, you will receive system e-mails about the functionality. To opt out from this process, you will have to write back to us.
  • We make use of website navigation data to control and improve our website. The navigation data may be used in combination with the business information you provide to get an aggregated information about how users go about EI Design’s website.
  • The IP address is tracked when you make use of our website. This is done to monitor areas in our website that you navigate through or where you sign-up for our services. The address is also recorded to improve our advertising and website layout and for statistical purposes. In particular, the IP address is used for the following objectives:
    • To calculate the total of number of users visiting our website from specific regions or countries in the world.
    • To promote advertising that is suitable for specific geographic locations or IP addresses. IP addresses are usually linked to universities, major corporations, or Internet service providers. The cumulative data collected from these addresses are conveyed to advertisers.
  • The business information that you provide is used for benchmarking analysis and aggregate statistics. You need not worry as this information is anonymized and won’t hold personal identification.
  • The information we request from you on our website is solely for managing our services and enhancing user experience. Your information will not be used for the generation of advertisements.
  • If you want to sign up for our eBooks, webinar recordings, and any other related resources, you will have to agree to submit certain information and we may utilize it with the intent of marketing.

Information Protection

To safeguard your information against theft, loss and unauthorized use, access, and modification, we employ administrative, reasonable, logical, and managerial measures. These measures are aimed at offering a level of security while we process your personal information.

  • We ensure that all our agents, independent contractors, and employees accept the non-disclosure agreements that maintain explicit confidentiality protection. Any individual violating such security and/or privacy policies is liable for possible termination and criminal and/or civil prosecution.
  • EI Design’s software is linked to individual servers, and we do not disclose your personal data to any social media platforms. However, please note that no communication on the Internet is guaranteed confidential and, in essence, you give out information at your own risk.
  • For the appropriate usage of data, to maintain data accuracy, and to avoid unauthorized access, we implement robust security measures. Specific technologies are activated to protect and ensure that your data is only available to the recipient you have granted access to.
  • EI Design does not tolerate Spam. You are not to use our communication tools to deliver spam or send content that would infringe our TOS. We investigate viruses, spam, phishing attacks, prohibited content, and other illegal or malicious activity on our website but do not store such messages sent via these tools.

 Data Protection Rights

Users who exhibit their personal data on our website can exercise several data protection rights free of charge, which are subject to statutory exemptions. There may also be limitations to these rights. For example, using another person’s personal data to fulfil your request or asking us to deleting information that we are supposed to maintain by law. Users also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority where they live regarding any unresolved concerns. But, we encourage users to approach us first to resolve any queries.

We rely on your consent with regard to your data. You may withdraw your consent at any point by contacting us. You will also have the right to review, rectify, and access your personal data.  If you wish to correct your information, such as your name, email address, or any other preferences, you are permitted to ask us for a copy of your information.

As described in this Privacy Policy, you also have the right to erasure, which means you can ask for the deletion of your information in case it is no longer required for a particular purpose or in the case of withdrawing your consent. In certain circumstances, you are also allowed to restrict the processing of your information in cases where you are not sure of the accuracy of your content.

We, at EI Design, retain users’ personal information so long as it fulfils the required processes as explained in this Privacy Policy, and as communicated with the user. This Privacy Policy is subject to updates and modifications from time to time. These changes will be brought to your attention as it relates to you in terms of changes in the process flow or as it impacts your right to data protection.