XR Optimus

Distribute and track Extended Reality (XR) learning content with ease.


Create engaging and immersive training content

Our XR solutions enable organizations to distribute content and experiences across a broad range of devices and types of XRs in a structured, standardized, and scalable manner.

Be it virtual tours, VR training, VR apps, 360° images or 2D/3D images, the backend puts you in full control to brainstorm, define, visualize, and iterate your learning experience.

Key features of XR Optimus

Key takeaways of XR Optimus

XR Optimus provides organizations with a robust platform and delivery channel that enables high-quality virtual learning experiences for a future-oriented community.
Integrated assistance
Users have access to integrated assistance. It provides a good overview of the existing functions in the XR Optimus app.
Trade fairs and events
XR Optimus has a kiosk mode and auto-start, making it easier for your target audience to operate.
Offline functionality
As soon as content is downloaded on the VR glasses, it will be accessible offline as well.

Find out how XR Optimus can transform your learning experience

Our XR solutions enable you to augment onsite practical training, expand your training team's reach, break down geographical barriers, compress training time, and reduce overall costs.

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