Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning is all about transferring the responsibility of learning to the learner. We offer support on how you can empower employees to embrace this and foster continuous learning.


The self-directed learning approach is all about transferring the onus of learning to the learner rather than the instructor/teacher.

What are the key characteristics of Self-Directed Learning?

Contrary to the generic “push” based learning approach that most organizations have, wherein the trainings are delivered through the LMS, Self-Directed Learning puts the learners in charge of how they want to learn, what path they wish to choose, over what time frame, and so on.

Self-Directed Learning is a significant shift from the more traditional ways of learning. It offers a learner-centric approach and provides full control to the learners. It gives learners tremendous flexibility, enabling them to fully own the learning path. They can devise their learning journey, the combination of learning assets, the speed at which they want to consume it, and so on.

What is the value of Self-Directed Learning for the learners?

Self-Directed Learning provides a more relevant learning option to learners. Given the fact that learners get to choose what they want to learn, they can pick and choose learning assets that are relevant to them. It nudges the learners to acquire new skills or hone their existing skills to mastery. It also offers the control that adult learners seek. All adult learners want control on what and how they learn rather than being “prescribed” what they should learn.

Self-Directed Learning offers the flexibility to correspond to each learner’s learning style. It gives the benefit to the learners to opt for learning assets that resonate best with them. It facilitates the ongoing consumption of updates, new information, and related information that can equip learners to perform better.

Today’s technology can easily facilitate learners in this endeavor. There is room for learning by choice and notably enables learners to pick learning assets that match their needs and aid them in acquiring and applying the learning on the job. Moreover, Self-Directed Learning would facilitate specialization and deeper learning as the choice and control is with the learners.

How can EI help you leverage Self Directed Learning for your training programs?

We offer consulting services to foster a culture of continuous learning through Self-Directed Learning. These include leveraging Learning Portals, Social Learning, and Curation to provide resources as just-in-time learning aids.

Our Strategies to Promote a Culture of Self-Directed Learning


Offer Portals

We offer Learning Portals or Self-Directed Learning platforms that have relevant and curated information.


Source learning assets

We help you identify/curate learning assets that are relevant to employees’ learning goals that would help them perform better.


Provide forums

We help you create forums to exchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences.


Reward employees

We help you design measures to provide recognition to those who leverage and contribute.


Highlight success stories

Through Newsletters or Infographics, we highlight success stories to ensure that a further propagation of Self-Directed Learning culture can happen.


Use semi-structured sessions

We help you create semi-structured sessions where recommendations can be shared.


Continuously enhance the learning repository

We help you create a mechanism to take feedback and continuously update the learning repository to hold its relevance and ability to create the required mandate.

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