Personalized Learning

A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t quite work in training. We offer Personalized Learning solutions that provide relevant content to your learners and help them accomplish their goals in a shorter time.


55% of modern learners desire personalized learning, which fits with the idea of ‘right stuff, right time to help me’. (Towards Maturity-Modern Learning Content Report)

What is the value of Personalized training for learners?

In contrast to a generic training, Personalized training helps you align employees more effectively and in lesser time to the learning, business, and organizational goals. Personalized trainings help learners gain access to relevant content that is customized to meet their learning and professional goals. This approach puts learners in control of the learning process and offers greater learner engagement opportunities.

Given the current dynamics of remote learning – they enable learners to access training on the go and switch across learning devices—from a smartphone to a tablet and then to a laptop—and continue learning depending on where they are. They also empower learners to create their own customized learning journeys that map better to their career goals.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest on Personalized training?

Engaged learners are more committed to invest time on the training. As Personalized training correlates closely to the learners’ proficiency, interest, or aspirations, there is a higher recall, retention, and application on the job. As a result, organizations will see a significantly better ROI on this training spend. Personalized training delivered as mLearning (preferably in a Microlearning format) will help L&D teams drive employee performance. It is a great way to retain the talent and help them grow.

Personalized Learning presented as a learning journey that is compatible with the career pathways that learners want is one approach that will boost your ROI positively and is certainly worth investing on.

How can EI help you offer Personalized training for your learners?

To create high-impact, engaging, and relevant learning experiences, we offer several options. You can pick our basic customized features – options of various themes or backgrounds or even fonts. Alternatively, you can look at Avatar-based selection where the learner can select a given persona and this forms a unique, customized learning experience. We will provide the same information in different formats and the learner can select the one that works best. We also offer a customization of the complete learning path that can be done on the basis of role, proficiency, and interest.

Our Tips and Strategies for High-impact Remote Learning Through Personalized Training


Offer Personalized Learning plans

We build training goals as per individual requirements, allow learners to choose lessons from an online training catalogue, and use a platform that supports Personalized Learning paths.


Offer variety in learning content

Customize and create a variety in content to suit individual styles/preferences.


Leverage Mobile Apps for Learning

We use responsive design authoring tools that leverage unique mobile operating systems and device features. Techniques like Apps for Learning help render a highly Personalized Learning path.


Get personal

We use the learner’s name, gender-specific voices or learning scenarios unique to the learner.


Be brief and light

Leverage the power of mLearning and Microlearning to enable learning on the go and keep it  “bite-sized.”


Offer multiple self-assessments

We give the learners the ability to assess their course readiness and progress themselves, including beginning of course, mid-course, and end of course evaluations.


Opt for engaging formats

We recommend the formats that learners love and use on mobile devices – for instance, Videos or Interactive Videos.


Offer just-in-time learning aids/job aids

We provide Quick Reference Guides, Ready Reckoners, Cheat Sheets, Learning Summaries, Tips, Shortcuts, and so on in engaging visual formats.


Use techniques that provide experiential training

Our approach toward training is to combine Microlearning and blend them with Case Studies, Scenario Based Learning, Interactive stories, Complex Simulations for critical thinking, and decision making to facilitate practice, application, and analysis.

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