Personalised eLearning

Your challenge

Learners are humans after all, with varying tastes, styles, preferences and needs. One size does not fit all and you need approaches that can make each individual learner relate to the learning and learn the way he/she wants.

What we bring to the table

We’ve got approaches to provide personalised and customised learning for learners that:

  • Address their specific needs
  • Provide them with greater control over the learning
  • Help them learn at their own pace
  • Allow them to choose their learning path and learn what they want
  • Set their own goals and milestones
  • Select the device they wish to learn on
  • Choose the kind of interaction levels they feel is relevant for them
  • Get personalised feedback and use it to assess their progress
  • Use the offered recommendations to enrich the learning path
  • Promote a culture of learning as a continuum
  • Create a “community of learning” with platforms for learners to collaborate with their peers and interact with experts
  • Helps them pull the information they want rather than pushing information to them

How we do it

We can help you bring in elements of personalisation in your learning at four different levels:

Level 1

  • Addressing the learners by their names in the course (in the Welcome screen, feedback, when learning a level and so on)
  • Letting them select the fonts and colour schemes of their choice
  • Providing them with the option of uploading their photo or choosing an avatar
  • Offering them the option of providing descriptions about themselves
  • Allowing them to provide references to their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and so on)
  • Offering themes at the beginning of the eLearning course

Level 2

  • Offering pre-tests before learners take a course
  • Assessing their proficiency level to offer a particular sequence of learning

Level 3

  • Offering surveys at the beginning of the course to determine the learners’ interest as well as their own estimate of what they know
  • Providing formative feedback of the interim Check Your Understanding questions to re-direct them
  • Using cues from surveys to provide recommended learning elements

Level 4

Providing a variety of learning elements and flexibility to learners to make the learning relevant and engaging with options such as:

  • With or without audio
  • With or without videos (only text based)
  • Microlearning nuggets instead of lengthy eLearning courses and supporting information as downloadable resources
  • Courses with varying levels of interaction (Level 1/2/3)
  • Understanding of browsing patterns in topics and recommending learning elements that will provide greater proficiency

Take a look at this video that showcases how personalization of eLearning can enhance the overall learning experience.

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