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Personalized Learning

Maximizing Learning Impact Through Customized and Adaptive Experiences

Personalization in learning is seeing phenomenal growth in interest over the last few years. IndustryARC estimates it to be a $2 billion market by 2024, and the number of research papers being published in this area has almost grown immensely.

At its core, personalized learning is all about making your learners feel that the training is designed exclusively for them. This becomes crucial as information explodes, time becomes scarcer, and jobs get more demanding. Modern learners expect training that is designed and delivered when and how they need it. Personalized learning does just that. It involves customizing experiences to fit learners’ backgrounds, needs, and preferences.

Personalized Learning enables L&D teams to align learners to business goals and upskill or reskill them far more effectively as compared to generic training. It helps employees thrive in a dynamic environment and perform better, leading to long-term talent retention.

Keeping Learners at the Center: Holistic Learner Profiling

EI’s award-winning personalized solutions are largely due to our thorough understanding of our learners. Our rigorous and integrated approach that begins with Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Learner Needs Analysis (LNA) helps us gain insights for taking a learner-centric approach and aligning the experience to match their specific needs and preferences.

Our in-house models, like the Learning and Performance Ecosystem, have been designed based on the concept of Personalization and keeping learners at the center of every experience. They contribute to building personalized learning journeys which have highly custom learning modalities, start and end points, content structure, visual treatments, assessments, and tracking. Such Ecosystems and a deep understanding of learner profiles power us to craft unique experiences adapted to all kinds of learners.

Bases We Use for Personalization

  • Role
  • Work Experience
  • Current knowledge/skills
  • Learning style
  • Work environment
  • Demographics
  • Language preferences
  • Training needs
  • Specific background and experiences

Key Personalization Strategies We Use

Here are some of the key strategies we implement (and that you can use) to make training personalized and impactful.

Relevant characters and scenarios: Relatable situations, challenges, and characters to bring about faster learning and increased retention.

Varied learning modalities: We adapt learning modalities (videos, interactivities, games, ILTs, VILTs, and more) based on what would work best for learners.

Contextualized experiences:  Our experiences leverage varied and relevant work environments (factories, offices, warehouses, and more), as well as contextual scripts, voiceovers, and imagery to make learning meaningful.

Adaptive pathways: We use branching scenarios and adaptive pathways based on specific learning objectives to maximize relevance. For example, the learning path for a frontline employee could be different from that of a store manager.

Personalized messaging: We use personalized learner references (e.g., “Great going, Sharon!”) and conversational writing (e.g., “Let’s see where you stand now, Sharon.”) to enhance interest.

Objective-focused evaluations: Our LITMUS model (based on the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation) allows customized measuring of learning at different levels based on your organization and learners’ specific objectives.

We also leverage advanced technologies like Experience APIs (xAPIs) and Learning Record Stores (LRS) to collect information about learning in great detail and leverage the power of evaluations fully.

Key Benefits of Our Strategies

All the above strategies around personalized learning can help you in:

  • Increasing the speed of learning
  • Enhancing learning retention
  • Keeping learners engaged
  • Achieving learning objectives effectively
  • Delivering better ROI and results for learners and the organization
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Airlines, Aviation, and Aerospace
  • Beverage and Tobacco
  • Automotive Sector
  • Sales Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Induction and Onboarding Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Skills Training
  • Product Training
  • Soft Skills Training

Ranked No.1 in the Top Content Providers for Custom e-learning by eLearning Industry in 2022.

Awarded Gold by Brandon Hall for Best Advance in Custom Content and for Best Use of Blended Learning.

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