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5 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Interactive Video Based Learning


Various organizations have been using videos as a part of their training deliveries for a long time now. Nowadays, interactive videos are becoming the trend and organizations are starting to opt for it. Video based learning strategies have always yielded positive results for businesses. They are seeing a wider acceleration in adoption because of a few other upcoming trends.

The change from traditional eLearning strategies to Mobile Learning strategies is seeing a prominent rise. Most of the formats for Mobile Learning strategies that are now being designed to be primarily consumed on smartphones make use of videos. Microlearning based techniques are also being used to both formal as well as informal learning. Microlearning used in combination with videos can be used as job aids or as Performance Support Tools.

Recent research indicates that an interactive video impacts learning 10 times more than a classic video.

The following are 5 ways you can use interactive video based learning strategies in your corporate training.


As you have seen, the adoption of interactive video based learning strategies can create high-impact learning experiences. It appeals to all learner profiles, offers higher learner engagement quotient, provides better recall and retention, enables you to track the learner, enables you to check-point and assess learning, and can be used in combination with other techniques to amplify the impact.

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