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Code of Conduct – 360 View Virtual Reality Course



Take a look at this gamified Compliance demo on the subject of Code of Conduct. It involves a fictitious city that a learner needs to explore with the help of a guide. In each location, learners go through concepts and then attempt a challenge. Based on the number of attempts to overcome a challenge, learners gain points along with an appropriate stamp on their passport. This acts as a gating criterion and ensures adherence to the overall Compliance mandate. They can also view a cumulative scoreboard.


In this Virtual Reality course, we have converted the conventional Compliance course into an immersive experience to enhance motivation and user experience. The user explores various locations within a city to learn the various aspects of the Code. What’s special about this course is that this VR experience doesn’t use any plugin or tool and allows all the SCORM functionalities as a normal eLearning course.

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