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Over the years, the corporate training market has seen remarkable changes. There are multiple layers of technology that organizations need to consider for building capabilities and skills to meet the ever-changing demands of their market and constant advances in technology, tools, and processes. There are a few key issues for L&D teams to think about. They need to build capability and competency frameworks with learning strategies that meet business goals.

L&D teams need to design an Inclusive Employee Experience (EX) that integrates content from available learning platforms within the organization and curate content from external sources without compromising the learning experience. They should utilize technology frameworks to provide a seamless, mobile-first experience and help learning in the flow. They should also aim for immersive learning technology that enables creating practice zones to help bridge the gap between training and on-the-job performance.

Our Solutions

LMS Expertise

With our expertise, we’ll help you simplify complex LMS data by taking your source data and building meaningful analytical portals in responsive formats that are easy to use, analyze, interpret, and make decisions.

LXP Expertise

Our eNable LXP, a highly customizable learning experience platform, offers personalized, gamified, social, and online learning experiences for users and is aligned with our Learning and Performance Ecosystem.

Learning Portals

Our Learning Portals support multiple devices, diverse formats, and personalized learning paths. From onboarding to project management, we cater to various needs, including innovation and change management.

Rapid Mobile-first Delivery

Our core eLearning practice includes Rapid Mobile-first Delivery with an Agile approach, ensuring high quality, on-time delivery, and budget adherence. Additionally, we offer dedicated teams to ensure short turnaround for projects.

Interactive Video Framework

Our Interactive Video Framework offers diverse learning interactions, such as hotspots, quizzes, and media integration, providing an immersive and engaging experience. Upcoming features include Game UI, AI integration, and 360 interactivities.

Technology Migration

Convert legacy courses to a Mobile Learning format to maximize investment. Utilize responsive and mobile-friendly web design techniques for improved usability on various devices. We’ll tailor the strategy to meet your training objectives and budget.

Authoring Tools Expertise

We offer diverse responsive design tools for rapid development, including multi-device layouts and adaptive design. Sleave, our in-house authoring tool, crafts impactful, responsive eLearning, simulations, and games.


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