Rapid eLearning

Looking for eLearning development in a short turnaround time? We will help you develop eLearning at scale with speed with our Rapid eLearning Solutions.


The global corporate e-learning market size will be worth $50 billion by 2026. With an annual growth rate of 15% from 2020 to 2026, the corporate market will be one of the biggest drivers of the e-learning industry. (Elearn2grow)

How can EI help you leverage Rapid eLearning to develop your training programs?

Our Rapid eLearning Solutions practice is nearly a decade old. It was established alongside our Mobile Learning solutions practice. We have deep expertise in leading Authoring tools, including Adapt Learning, Articulate Rise, CrossKnowledge – Mohive, dominKnow ONE, Elucidat, Evolve Authoring, and Gomo Learning.

What is unique about our Rapid eLearning practice?

We have a centralized Idea Bank that features a repository of Rapid eLearning templates. You can view them to ascertain the kind of learning experience each template can offer. Then, you can decide if you want to opt for a completely Rapid eLearning development or a semi-custom development.

Our Technology team along with the Solution Architecting team is continuously exploring new Rapid eLearning tools and our list is always aligned to trends and global tool offerings. If you prefer a tool that is currently not on our list, do share the details. We will explore, create a demo asset, and show you how we can build Rapid eLearning courses with this particular tool.

How do we use Rapid and Agile Development processes to meet short turnaround cycles?

We offer Rapid eLearning development as a part of our core eLearning development practice. Our development practice is highly optimized and features an Agile approach. Not only does it deliver high quality in a predictable manner but also consistently meets the customer budget and timelines. Additionally, we offer dedicated, concurrent development teams to match the short turnaround time for both Rapid eLearning projects as well as custom eLearning projects.

4 Ways to Leverage Our Rapid eLearning Expertise


New content development

We use standard templates of Rapid eLearning Authoring tools to build your eLearning courses – fast!


Semi-custom development

An enhanced version of the standard approach where we use select customized templates from our library, offering a better learning experience at a fraction of cost of custom eLearning development.


High volume, custom development in a short lead time

Our Rapid development practice offers short turnaround cycles for high volume, custom eLearning development. Through dedicated teams that manage multiple modules, we offer Rapid development for custom eLearning projects too.


Migration of Flash or other courses to HTML5

Our Rapid development practice can help migrate your legacy Flash courses to HTML5 (Mobile-friendly/Mobile-first solutions). You can opt for a simple technology uplift, a redesign, or an enhancement of courses.

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