“Learning is the ability to adapt to changing environments.
With the world changing so fast, your learning must speed up.”

– Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rapid eLearning Solutions

Our Rapid eLearning Solutions practice was established in 2011 (alongside our Mobile Learning Solutions practice) and it features two components.

  1. Rapid eLearning Tools expertise: Over the last decade, we have developed a deep expertise in the leading Authoring tools, including:
    1. Adapt Learning.
    2. Articulate Rise.
    3. CrossKnowledge – Mohive.
    4. dominKnow ONE.
    5. Elucidat.
    6. Evolve Authoring.
    7. Gomo Learning.

This is not all!

Take a look at this Rapid eLearning demo that showcases our expertise across tools and how we leverage unique templates to create the desired impact. This demo utilizes leading Rapid development Authoring tools, namely Articulate Rise, dominKnow - Claro, and Adapt, in Mobile First formats.

Our Recent Awards

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How Can We Help?

  • New content development: We use of standard templates of Rapid eLearning Authoring tools to build your eLearning courses.
  • Semi-custom development: This is an enhanced version of the standard Rapid eLearning approach where we use select customized templates (featuring the same Rapid eLearning Authoring tools) from our library. These enhanced templates offer a better learning experience at a fraction of cost of the custom eLearning development.
  • High volume, custom development in a short lead time: Our Rapid development practice also offers very short turnaround cycles for high volume, custom eLearning development as well. Through dedicated teams that manage multiple, concurrent modules, we offer Rapid development for custom eLearning projects too.
  • Migration of Flash or other legacy courses to HTML5: Our Rapid development practice can also help you migrate your legacy Flash courses to HTML5 (Mobile Friendly/Mobile First solutions). In this exercise, you can opt for the following transformations:
    • A simple technology uplift (Flash to HTML5).
    • Redesign your legacy course with more immersive learning strategies like Gamification, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Complex Decision-making Scenarios, or Branching Simulations.
    • Redesign your legacy course into formats like Microlearning and Video Based Learning.
    • Enhance your Mobile Friendly courses to Mobile First courses.
    • Redesign your existing Macro courses to nuggets that your LXP requires.

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