Scenario Based Learning

Drive performance improvement and trigger behavior change with our SBL solutions. By leveraging real-world experiences, we can step-up your learner engagement dramatically and amp-up knowledge retention, application, and change in behavior.


Powerful scenarios are more than interactive and engaging. When executed properly, they can influence thinking, add tremendous value to online trainings, and even drive behavioral change.

What value does Scenario Based Learning bring to training programs?

Scenario Based Learning (SBL) is a widely used instructional strategy in online training that applies the “active learning” approach. It draws instances from real-life situations to provide a relatable and highly relevant learning experience for learners. Its immersive approach creates a high engagement quotient for them.

Powerful scenarios are more than interactive and engaging. When executed properly, they can influence thinking, add tremendous value to online trainings, and even drive behavioral change.

How can EI help you leverage Scenario Based Learning for your training programs?

We create the right learner engagement with an eye on the final goal through our 3C model featuring:

  • Challenge – Presenting the learners with a problem/scenario.
  • Choices – Asking them to choose a response to the problem.
  • Consequences – Taking the scenario forward and branching through the learning path based on learners’ response.

We create high-impact Learning and Performance Support solutions in the following 3 ways:

To achieve knowledge gain and drive behavioral change:

We use real-life situations that are relatable to the learners. As they respond, they understand the impact of their choices or consequences of their decisions. These are nuanced to trigger change in thinking and eventually drive behavioral change.

To ensure efficient application of learning on the job:

We also use Scenario Based Learning very effectively as Performance Support Tools or learning aids. These aid learners in applying their learning on the job better.

To reinforce learning and improve proficiency:

Post the knowledge acquisition, we give learners Scenario Based Learning to reinforce and practice for proficiency gain. This helps learners steadily improve their proficiency in a safe environment and the reinforcement keeps the “Forgetting Curve” at bay.

Our Tips and Best Practices to Leverage Scenario Based Learning for Corporate Training


Learner engagement with a 3C model

Through the 3C model, we challenge the learners by presenting a problem/scenario, asking them to choose a response to the problem and take the scenario forward/branch through the learning path based on the learners’ response.


Make use of Creative Instructional Design

We combine the power of Scenario Based Learning with the science of Instructional Design to drive right action, behavior, and influence thinking. 


Visual indicators

We provide clear indicators to help learners see how they are faring with their decisions.


Real-life simulations

We provide relatable, real-life situations so that learners can practice and apply their knowledge.


Learning in a controlled environment

We provide a safe environment to help learners learn from their mistakes and re-look at their decisions.


Covers varied training needs

We can help you create Scenario Based Learning for various training needs, including Compliance, Behavioral change, Soft Skills, Professional Skills, Product Training, and Sales Training.

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