Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Well-designed diversity trainings ensure employees feel included and part of a common effort. See how EI’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training strategies can help you facilitate broader inclusion in the workplace by changing mindsets across the company.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

By 2044, groups formerly seen as ‘minorities’ will reach majority status. (SHRM)

Why should you re-evaluate your DEI Training now?

DEI Trainings make the workplace a better environment for employees. Some employees have significant talents, skills, and experience to contribute to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, they are marginalized, and their experience is at risk of being wasted in a non-inclusive workforce, and remote or hybrid workplaces amplify that risk.

There are a number of reasons why DEI Trainings fail, including:

  1. Design biases: Where L&D teams fall victim to preconceived stereotype notions about the learner’s abilities when designing a training curriculum.
  2. Evaluation biases: Most conventional metrics of training “success” are based on training completion rates.
  3. Delivery biases: Effective DEI Trainings shouldn’t be about completing a specific number of modules or a fixed number of training hours. Instead, it must be continuous and focused on delivering ongoing, impactful learning outcomes as opposed to achieving milestones.

What key aspects should L&D teams consider when creating successful DEI Trainings?

With learners at its center, L&D program designers should create a multitude of channels and platforms to facilitate continuous, performance-focused learning programs. A key aspect of the program should be to include an Ecosystem-based approach.

You can’t undertake successful diversity, equity, and inclusion using an event-based training approach. In the hybrid workforce, the best way to promote DEI is by crafting a learning and performance ecosystem to connect people and support them with a broad range of content, processes, and technologies to encourage diversity and inclusiveness.

How can EI help you create efficient DEI Training strategies?

The only way to help overcome biases, change mindsets, and drive behavioral change is by applying a set of customized training strategies. Nevertheless, these strategies are ineffective if developed and delivered as independent, stand-alone programs. To be operative, L&D leaders must consider using a structured and proven DEI Learning and Performance Ecosystem approach to ensure that meaningful mindset change occurs throughout the organization.

 As part of the Learning and Performance Ecosystem, DEI leaders along with L&D professionals have a wide variety of training strategies in their toolbox to develop custom-built DEI Training.

What DEI Training strategies should you use?

Our DEI learning strategies will empower you to:

  • Reinforce concepts through Blended Learning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, and Personalized Learning.
  • Drive longer retention through Videos, Gamification, Story Based Learning, and Virtual Reality.
  • Trigger behavior change using Scenario Based Learning, Branching Simulations, and Interactive Videos.
  • Craft a DEI Ecosystem that will bring about a change in thinking and behavior.

How do we help you create a custom DEI Training approach, and what impact will you see?

DEI Training requires a custom approach. We help you build DEI Trainings that match your organizational culture and the realities of your workplace. Our integrated training development approach:

  • Infuses DEI concepts with the company culture right from the employee onboarding stage.
  • Accommodates multiple instructional strategies including Blended Learning and Social Learning.
  • Curates approaches for a hybrid workplace.
  • Fosters a workplace where employees feel empowered and confident.

The impact of our DEI Training can be seen across four major fronts:


Improved employee engagement resulting in improved performance.


Better self-awareness and ability to overcome unconscious biases in learners.


A workplace culture that embraces diversity.


An inclusive work environment where employees can learn and grow together.

Want to learn how to create custom DEI Training that overcome biases, change mindsets, and drive behavioral change?

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