Every learning platform is now an LXP, so the market is
becoming a set of capabilities, not just products.

– Josh Bersin

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) provide a highly personalized learning experience to users through learning pathways. In contrast to LMS, the LXPs empower learners to define their learning path—from a set of learning assets featuring varied formats.

Besides facilitating Self-Directed Learning, they encourage learner participation through User Generated Content. They feature Social or Collaborative Learning, inclusive learning, Content Curation and facilitation of User Generated Content. They offer recognition to active participants. They do feature assessments along with badges and certification. Hence, they are fun, more engaging, and relevant for learners

Looking for ways on how you can leverage the strengths of your new LXP or create LXP-like solutions on your older LMS platforms? EI Design can help you with both.

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How Can We Help

We have expertise in the following LXP platforms (although, our Tech team can quickly master a new one too):

  • Degreed.
  • Edcast.
  • Fuse Universal.
  • Hive Learning.
  • Pathgather.
  • Valamis.

The existing LMS with LXP front end:

  • CrossKnowledge.
  • Cornerstone.
  • D2L.
  • Docebo.
  • Saba.
  • SumTotal.
  • SuccessFactors.

We can also provide customized solutions that offer the following:

  • A custom learning path for audience cohorts to maximize the impact of the trainings.
  • Learning paths with a plethora of learning elements such as stakeholder maps, learner guides, videos, game-based case studies with decision making and so on.
  • Recording and sharing experiences through text and videos related to various topics in the learning modules.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Self-contained, personalized training module​s.
  • Learning strategies that involve converting the complete content to Microlearning nuggets consisting of videos, simulations, practice quizzes, and job aids​.
  • Simple and intuitive experiences for learners to watch, learn, and practice various aspects of the content.
  • Platforms that feature user-friendly attributes and allows learners to search and locate content easily​.
  • Platforms that are simple and easy to edit/update and can seamlessly integrate with an existing LMS​.

To leverage your existing LXP platform or design a superior experience that would motivate employees to learn skills and acquire knowledge, get a free consultation from us.