LXP Expertise

Looking to build personalized experiences for your learners? Leverage the strength of your existing LXP or create LXP-like solutions on your LMS platforms with EI.


In the next three years, the LXP market is poised to grow at $15.7 billion. (Guide 2 Research)

What is the value that LXP brings to the learners?

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) provide a highly Personalized Learning experience to users through learning pathways. In contrast to LMS, the LXPs empower learners to define their learning path—from a set of learning assets featuring varied formats.

Besides facilitating Self-Directed Learning, they encourage learner participation through User-Generated Content. They feature Social or Collaborative Learning, inclusive learning, Content Curation, and facilitation of User-Generated Content. They offer recognition to active participants. They also feature assessments along with badges and certification. Hence, they are fun, more engaging, and relevant for learners.

What is EI’s LXP expertise?

We have expertise in LXP platforms (although, our Tech team can quickly master a new one too) such as Degreed, Edcast, Fuse Universal, Hive Learning, Pathgather, and Valamis. Our existing LMS with LXP front end includes CrossKnowledge, Cornerstone, D2L, Docebo, Saba, SumTotal, and SuccessFactors.

EI’s Customized LXP Solutions


Custom learning path

Maximize the impact of your trainings by creating custom learning paths for your audience cohorts.


Learning elements

We’ll help you integrate a plethora of learning elements such as stakeholder maps, learner guides, videos, game-based case studies with decision making and so on.


Recording and sharing experiences

Learners can record and share experiences through text and videos related to various topics in the learning modules.


Personalized training

We’ll help create self-contained, Personalized training modules.


Microlearning nuggets

Enable learning strategies that involve converting the complete content to Microlearning nuggets consisting of videos, simulations, practice quizzes, and job aids.


Intuitive experiences

Offer simple and intuitive experiences for learners to watch, learn, and practice various aspects of the content.


User-friendly attributes

Create platforms that feature user-friendly attributes and allows learners to search and locate content easily.


Seamless integration

Build platforms that are simple and easy to edit/update and can seamlessly integrate with an existing LMS.

Looking to build a highly Personalized Learning experience for your learners with the help of an LXP?

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