Sales Training

Sales Trainings are re-aligning to a completely remote training mode that offers bite-sized and action-oriented learning. We offer mLearning strategies that create highly effective Sales Training to ensure your sales teams exceed their targets.


Less than half of companies provide post-training reinforcement, but organizations who use post-training reinforcement see 34% more first-year sales reps achieve quota. (Aberdeen, 2015)

What is the significance of Sales Training in organizations?

The need for Sales Training to equip sales teams so that they can achieve targets is higher than ever today. In terms of significance, Sales Training would rank possibly next to Leadership Training for most organizations. As we know, without effective sales teams, even the best of the business plans will go awry. To succeed, organizations need to offer Sales Training that is highly focused and is well aligned to help meet their business plan.

An effective Sales Training should equip the teams to understand customers better, have the right resources to pitch, outsmart competition, and close leads. It should help sales teams create further connects to upsell or cross-sell and help them counter competition.

What is the gain (for learners, business, and L&D teams) as organizations opt for mLearning for Sales Training?

The Value that mLearning for Sales Training Brings to Learners

mLearning is the preferred mode of learning for Sales Training on account of its ability to:

  • Provide training that is available anytime, anywhere (on the go).
  • Offer flexibility to consume training at the moment of their need – on the field, during commute, or while waiting.
  • Offer control to learners to decide the pace at which they want to consume it.

The Value that mLearning for Sales Training Brings to the Business

From an organizational perspective, the usage of mLearning for Sales Training enables organizations to:

  • Reach a geographically spread out audience in a short time.
  • Ensure a consistent message reaches the sales team.
  • Leverage it to offer on-the-job training that can deliver results faster.
  • Ensure the latest updates are made quickly and deployed quickly.

The Value that mLearning for Sales Training Brings to the L&D Teams

mLearning is versatile and can address the complete spectrum of Sales Training needs including:

  • Formal Training (Online or to support facilitated sessions).
  • Provide instant learning aids/job aids.
  • Leverage Social or Collaborative Learning.

This is not all. The training can be deployed quickly to a geographically spread out team and tracked on how it was consumed by learners.

How can EI help you create Sales Trainings that deliver the desired impact and results?

You can pick from a rich set of strategies including:


Fast-track your Sales Training with mLearning

Short, focused, action-oriented Microlearning nuggets are ideally suited for sales reps who are always on the move. You can leverage on the granularity of Microlearning-based training to offer learning paths that have multiple short nuggets.


Use a combination of approaches

You can offer Personalized learning paths, opt for Mobile Apps for learning, integrate Video Based Learning for both formal learning and performance support, and go a notch up with classic videos by applying Interactive Video Based Learning.


Leverage learning strategies

You can leverage Scenario Based Learning to impart several skills that are mandatory to manage sales; decision-making simulations that hone skills like critical thinking, decision making, understanding the impact of choices; and Gamification.


Use mLearning to provide a complete Sales Toolkit

The real power of mLearning for Sales Training is in its capability to cover the entire spectrum of learning needs (into a Sales Toolkit) for sales teams – that can be used at the moment of need.

Want to fast track your Sales Training and achieve your targets even while working remotely?

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