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Unlocking Sales Training to Help You Achieve Breakthrough Win Rates

According to research done by Salesforce, nearly 90% of customers say the experience a company provides matters as much as the products or services it offers. The constant requirement to put the customer first motivated the development of a sales workforce capable of value-based selling using an apt mix of consultative selling, social selling, and solution selling.​

The core of Sales Training is that it needs to be highly personalized and give ample options to bridge the gap between learning and performance on the job and be driven through measurable metrics that align to the business plan.​ Learning in the flow of work is the other major change as compared to the erstwhile dedicated, discrete training plans. ​

Our Take on Ensuring Highly Effective Sales Enablement

At its core, sales is about having effective and goal-oriented conversations with customers at each stage of the sales cycle. Organizations need to offer Sales Trainings that are highly focused and aligned to help drive performance through constant practice, learning in the flow of work, and measurement of success in place of discrete training plans.

We recommend accomplishing the above through a personalized learner-centered approach using strategies like Microlearning, Curated Learning, Performance Support Tools, Immersive Learning Experiences, and Practice Zones. Research indicates that Sales Training cannot be a one-time exercise, and primary training must be supplemented with an extended learning journey to ensure constant reinforcement, practice, and upskilling/upgradation. Hence a Learning and Performance Ecosystem is critical for making Sales Training valuable for the learner and effective for the organization.

Sales Training Strategies that Will Help You Drive Performance and Accelerate Sales Team Development

  • Start with sales onboarding and training
  • Establish sales team learning journeys
  • Augment with performance-focused learning content
  • Leverage immersive learning
  • Factor for ongoing contact and communication
  • Offer a flexible and adaptive approach (Self-paced/Blended)
  • Integrate Social Learning

Key Highlights of Our Sales Training Solution

  • Core and Extended Learning Journeys
  • Training that Drives Performance
  • Mobile-first Design Approach
  • Measuring the Impact Through Business KPIs
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Airlines, Aviation, and Aerospace
  • Beverage and Tobacco
  • Automotive Sector
  • Sales Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Induction and Onboarding Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Skills Training
  • Product Training
  • Soft Skills Training

Ranked #3 in eLearning Industry’s list of Best Sales Training Programs By Top Content Providers.

Awarded Bronze by Brandon Hall Group for Best Sales Training Program for Extended Enterprise in 2022.

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