Videos and Interactive Videos

The mandate

Videos…they’re everywhere! With the mobile device, social media and several other video-friendly formats coming in the picture, their use in your learning strategy is an absolute MUST! A touch of interactivity, and your videos deliver double the impact. Correction. TEN TIMES the impact!

What we bring to the table

  • Video-based solutions for both formal and informal training needs
  • Videos as standalone learning nuggets and job-aids for Performance Support
  • A customisable Interactive Video framework

Highlights of our Interactive Video framework

Doing it the eLearning way

Mimics the interactions of a traditional eLearning/mLearning course

Branching for greater engagement

Allows for testing of learners’ decision making skills in real-life like scenarios

Facilitates storytelling

Enables adoption of story-based learning approach in the form of storytorial-based Interactive Videos

Works across multiple platforms

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones (iOs and Andriod)

Supports AICC, SCORM 1.2, 2004, and TinCan

Can be hosted on LMS/LRS or run as a standalone piece on a web server

A host of interactivities to choose from

Hotspots, Button click, Fill in the blanks, Carousel, Single choice assessments, Multiple choice assessments, Drag and drop and so on

And for that extra bit of punch…

We can help you leverage on the power of:


Designing Interactive Videos as Microlearning nuggets

Branching Scenarios

Weave a branching scenario for an enhanced Interactive Video experience


Using Gamified assessments for further engagement

Want to know more about our Interactive Video framework? Take a look at this video:

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