Branching Simulations

Branching Simulations challenge learners and help them understand the consequences of their choices. See how our expertise in Branching Simulations can influence decision making and stimulate critical thinking.


What is the value that Branching Simulations brings to the learners?

Branching Simulations are a perfect example of qualitative assessments. They allow learners to explore various decision-making paths to accomplish the desired outcomes. In most cases, they help learners practice their skills and use all training resources available to them to avoid negative consequences. This approach unfolds the learning journey based on the learner’s choices, thereby making learning interactions experiential and engaging. Constant decision making encourages participative learning and has maximum impact on driving behavioral change.

How can EI help you integrate Branching Simulations in your corporate training?

Our expertise in eLearning Branching Simulations delivers the learning mandate – through engaging Scenario questions and benchmarks that evaluate and help learners track their performance. We create Scenarios with realistic and immersive consequences, real-world situations, and deliver instant feedback and recommendations.

Our approaches deliver the learning mandate through 5 ways:

Focused Scenario questions:

We create targeted questions to gauge a learner’s skill, task proficiency, or understanding of concepts rather than ambiguous questions. These produce accurate results to assess performance.

Benchmarks to evaluate performance:

Our expertise lies in creating different decision-making paths that tie into various aspects of a skill set. This aids in grading employees based on specific indicators and then identify personal areas for improvement.

Scenarios using real-world situations with realistic and immersive consequences:

Employees can immerse themselves in a situation through relatable challenges, realistic visuals, and audio elements. This helps step up experiential learning a notch higher.

Instant feedback and recommendations:

We focus on immediate diagnostic feedback followed by learning references for decision-making instances. Our unique feedback styles prove impactful in enhancing performance and driving the desired behavior change.

Intelligent technology interventions:

We leverage our unique Interactive Video Framework as well as Virtual Reality Framework to create highly immersive and engaging simulations. These help learners apply their learning, practice and hone their skills, take the right decisions on the job, and trigger critical thinking.

Tips and Best Practices – Our Application of Branching Simulations for Corporate Training


Blend appropriate Instructional Design practices

We use the right combination of Instructional strategies to develop, map, and plot each branching path to help learners visualize and make accurate decisions.


Well-crafted content

We curate and create content basis the research done during training needs analysis so that the Scenarios or situations are relatable, relevant, and impactful.


Amalgamating outcomes with desired behaviors

We use Branching Simulations in a manner that branch paths and outcomes that align to the behaviors the training has set out to achieve.


Structured and timely feedback

We provide focused feedback in the moment of need adding unique cues such as visual meters that indicate how learners fare with their decisions.


Practicing in a controlled environment

Learners can practice their skills in a virtual environment to help them learn without any negative repercussions.


Covers varied training requirements

Our Branching Simulations cater to varied training requirements ranging from Sales Training to Compliance to Professional Skills or even Change Management Trainings.

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