Looking to adopt branching scenarios to enhance
the impact of your corporate eLearning program?

Branching Simulations

If you want to look at an interactive strategy to engage your learners, then branching simulations is the right one. This strategy challenges learners, requires them to make decisions, and then displays the consequences of their actions. Based on the learner’s choices, the learning journey unfolds at each stage in the form of branches, thereby making learning interactions fun and engaging.

We, at EI Design, can show you how to create effective decision making, branching scenarios to enhance the impact of your corporate trainings as well as improve your employee engagement quotient.

Take a look at this eLearning branching scenarios Demo on conflict management at the workplace.

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Our eLearning branching scenarios allow learners to:

  • Tackle various decision-making paths to accomplish the desired outcomes.
  • Practice their skills and use all training resources available to them to avoid negative consequences.
  • Evaluate their progress via a meter available in the learning journey.

These eLearning branching scenarios not only help build real-world experiences but also have the power to gauge the employee’s progress and identify gaps.

Our expertise in eLearning branching scenarios offers:

  • Focused learning objectives.
  • Engaging scenario questions.
  • Benchmarks to evaluate performance.
  • Real-world situations.
  • Realistic and immersive consequences.
  • Instant feedback and recommendations.

To create effective eLearning branching scenarios and increase your employee engagement, get a free consultation from us.