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How to Choose the Right Kind of Video for Your Employee Training


Using videos for training employees has been around for a while. Of late, there is an acceleration in their usage. This is on account of the wider adoption of Mobile Learning and Microlearning as both leverage extensively on Video Based Learning.
Videos are an immensely high-impact medium and when used as training videos for employees, they offer:
  • High engagement quotient.
  • Sticky learning experience leading to higher retention and recall.
Video Based Learning has become an important part of corporate training delivery today. Take a look at this video where we share pointers and strategies that you can use to select the right kind of video for your employee training.



We hope this video gives you great ideas that you can use as you implement training videos for your employee training.
By using training videos for your employees, you would see the following impacts:
  • Higher engagement.
  • Better completion rates.
  • Better retention and recall.
  • Better performance support leading to better application of the acquired learning.
  • Increased focus on informal learning.
  • Higher ROI on your training spend.
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