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6 Amazing Examples of Using Micro Learning Videos in Corporate Training


Learning strategies have been developed for the past few years to adapt to the changing learner dynamics. Organizations are increasingly making use of eLearning videos in their corporate trainings to create a better impact on learners. Specifically, using Microlearning techniques in combination with eLearning videos amplifies the impact to a whole new level.

Microlearning Videos are short and focused and can be used as a standalone nugget that offers a specific learning takeaway; it can also be utilized as part of a longer learning path. Learners favor visual formats, such as videos, over plain text. When paralleled with other media, videos are known to create more engaging and sticky learning experiences for learners. Videos can create narratives that can be easily related to by learners, and the usage of Video Based Learning is shown to generate higher recall and retention. Microlearning can be combined with videos to offer learners a just-in-time learning format and can also be a part of a bigger learning path that can be consumed in shorter nuggets. Additionally, Microlearning Videos can be used to offer learning aids that help learners exactly at the moment of their need.

Here are 6 amazing Microlearning Video examples that organizations can implement in their training strategies.

Investing in Microlearning Videos can have multiple positive results for both the organization as well as the learner. Microlearning Videos help L&D teams with agile training development and deployment. Organizations can pick from a wide array of tools that enable quick development. They can also  quickly update and re-deploy these microlearning videos with frequent information changes/updates. The Videos achieve a specific learning outcome in a fraction of time, offer higher recall and retention, are less expensive to develop, and hence result in better ROI.

From the learners’ perspective, Microlearning Videos offer an engaging and immersive learning experience. They can be taken on the go, and short but focused bites ensure faster assimilation. They offer the required support exactly at the moment of the learners’ need, and they can learn in accordance with their varied learning needs including learning something new, diving deeper into a given aspect, solving a specific problem, practicing to gain proficiency, and applying the acquired learning.

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