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Imagine, Experience, Connect - Unlocking Immersive Learning as a Value Driver

There is a heightened need to make training a strategic initiative with measurable benefits. This has drawn organizations to leverage cutting-edge technology and a learner-centric approach to create Immersive Learning environments. The need to engage the workforce has further unlocked opportunities to invest in immersive technology and learning experiences that hook the modern tech-savvy employee.

EI has expertise in building Immersive Learning environments and experiences that support three key aspects—Content Design, Learning Strategies, and Learning Technology. Our Immersive Learning solutions are not only about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or the Metaverse but also about content and learning strategies that bring the virtual and the real experience closer to deliver various degrees of immersion. We leverage Immersive Learning strategies like Gamification, Branched Simulations, Interactive Videos, Scenarios and Story Based Learning to motivate learners to actively seek Immersive Learning experiences.

Our Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR)

Our AR solutions offer affordable learning – in the sense that learners just need mobile devices and AR apps to use AR concepts in learning without having to purchase expensive training materials.


TOPSIM, our business simulation platform helps sharpen your team’s analysis and decision making skills by providing immersive experiences in managing business challenges.

Virtual Reality (VR)

You can use our unique framework (eXPerience 360) to create complete VR-driven learning and a highly immersive learning environment. Discover how!

Next Gen Strategies

With Next Gen Strategies, you can also influence change in thinking and trigger behavioral change. Leverage our expertise by offering your learners a combination of mLearning, Microlearning, Gamification, and more.

Branching Simulations

Branching Simulations allow learners to explore various decision-making paths to accomplish the desired outcomes. Find out how you can gauge employee progress and identify gaps using our effective Branching Simulations solution.


Our Gamification expertise will help you enhance performance, productivity, and increase your learners’ motivation to learn and upskill. We can guide you in designing learning experiences that prioritize human motivation over purely technical efficiency.

Video Based Learning

Use our Video Based Learning solutions to drive learner proficiency and address specific needs. Through our Interactive Video Framework, you can address complex concepts and make videos highly immersive.

Story Based Learning

Find out how you can use our Story Based Learning approach to drive attitudinal change and convert an abstract concept into something that is relatable for your learners.

Scenario Based Learning

Scenario Based Learning applies active learning using real-life situations, creating highly relevant and engaging learning experiences. It influences thinking, adds value to online training, and drives behavioral change.


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