Immersive Learning

The remote learning environment needs L&D teams to work “differently” to keep learners engaged. Given this non-traditional learning environment, take a look at how you can offer more immersive virtual learning experiences.


Immersive and experiential training methods are successful because they involve all of the senses and provoke a visceral response.  (Dr. Holly A. Sullenger and Brian Sakofsky, M.Ed)

What challenges do learners and L&D teams face in today’s environment?

Connecting with distant learners, and keeping them engaged throughout the learning journey, is a challenge for L&D professionals. For corporate learners, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an additional challenge – How to make the best of training from the comforts of your living room or home-office, as opposed to the desk in your work cubicle. By creating immersive virtual learning experiences, trainers can connect with their learners and offer a richer and holistic approach to delivering Virtual Training, which helps enhance workforce performance.

How can EI help you create immersive learning experiences?

EI offers a wide range of immersive virtual learning strategies to use across all modes of training delivery – from VILT to Blended or Fully Online mode. Given the mode of delivery, the nature of content, and the intended cognition level to be achieved, the approach and the strategies vary.

Our immersive learning techniques help you achieve positive learner reaction, higher engagement, better completion rates, higher recall and retention, improved application of acquired learning, and change in thinking and behavioral change.

Take a pick from our highly immersive techniques like AR/VR/Gamification, real-life Scenarios, Interactive Stories, Branching Simulations, or Next Gen Strategies to amplify your training effectiveness and impact.

Immersive Learning Solutions

Learners are drawn to Gamification as it makes learning fun. For L&D teams, it delivers the required ROI as it focuses on delivering specific learning outcomes. Learn how you can use Gamification based techniques that can be applied across all corporate training needs.


Scenario Based Learning

SBL provides learning in a safe environment and helps learners learn the impact of their choices and learn from their mistakes. Learn how to create highly immersive learning strategy that can be used across corporate trainings.


Video Based Learning

Modern learners are a demanding lot and face the challenges of distractions and multi-tasking. Find out how you can use Video Based Learning to fix a specific gap in the learner’s proficiency and address a specific need.


Story Based Learning

Story Based Learning creates higher retention and recall, leading to a memorable and sticky learning experience. Find out how you can use it to drive attitudinal change and convert an abstract concept into something that is relatable for remote learners.


Branching Simulations

Branching Simulations allow learners to explore various decision-making paths to accomplish the desired outcomes. Find out how you can gauge employee progress and identify gaps using our Branching Simulations.


Virtual Reality (VR)

VR promotes the concept of ‘learn by doing.’ Find out how you can use our unique framework (eXPerience 360) to create a complete VR-driven learning and create a highly immersive learning environment.


Augmented Reality (AR)

An AR experience generates a composite view for the user and challenges learners to explore new points of view. Find out how you can use AR to drive intrinsic learner motivation and influence behavior.


Next Gen Strategies

To be able to meet the learner’s expectations and the desired gain, one strategy may not enable you to accomplish all the goals. Find out how you can apply Next Gen Strategies that will help you meet your mandate.


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