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Switch to Mobile Apps for Learning

Apps for Learning

Most of us use Apps for various aspects every day, using it for learning makes tremendous sense. Sure enough, mobile Apps or Apps for learning are becoming a significant part of mLearning delivery in corporate training.

Mobile Apps for corporate training provide learners flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime with the added advantage of being able to go through the learning content even when they are offline.

As the usage of Microlearning and Gamification is increasing (both for Formal and Informal training), there is an increase in adoption of Mobile Apps. Shorter, snackable bites of content and gamified assessments provide a great opportunity to use mobile apps for learning in corporate training.

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How we can help you

We provide insights on how you can use Mobile Apps for:

  • Formal training as bite-sized Microlearning nuggets.
  • Informal training as PSTs or just-in-time job aids, pre and post assessments and practice sessions/reinforcement aids to supplement formal training via videos, examples, and scenarios.
  • Various other training needs including Compliance, Soft Skills, Change Management and so on.

Moreover, we can also help you with the following:

  • Create complete learning paths to address long-term training and performance support needs.
  • Offer Gamified learning and assessment apps.
  • Create millennial-centric strategies in Mobile App-based learning as Mobile Apps are very popular with learners of this generation.

Look at our Case Study on Mobile Apps for more information.

Case Study

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