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The anytime, anywhere flexibility of mobile technology is here to stay. Learners like going mobile and you’ve got to have solutions to address their learning needs on-the-go, even without an Internet connection. Are Mobile Apps an answer? Sure they are.

What we bring to the table

Expertise in

Mobile Apps development for offline viewing of learning content

Creation of

Engaging and interactive Mobile App content

More than 1000 hours

Mobile Learning expertise

How we can help you

Our Solution Architecting team will help you with insights on using Mobile Apps for your:

Formal training needs

As bite-sized Microlearning nuggets

Informal training needs

As PSTs or just-in-time job aids, pre-and post assessments and practice sessions/reinforcement aids to supplement formal training through videos, examples, scenarios and so on

Varied training needs

Including Compliance, Soft Skills, Change Management and so on


Additionally, we can :

  • Create complete learning paths to address long term training and performance support needs
  • Offer  Gamified learning and assessment apps
  • Help you leverage on other innovative approaches such as Social Learning and Microlearning to enhance the impact of the Mobile App-based learning
  • Create millennial-centric strategies in Mobile App-based learning as Mobile Apps are extremely popular with learners of this generation

Take a look at this video to see why mobile apps are the right fit for your learning strategy:

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