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A close cousin of mLearning—Mobile Apps for Learning—offers the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. We can help you use them not just to train but also to empower your employees and see your training impact soar.


89% of smartphone users download apps, 50% of which are used for learning. (Growthengineering)

What is the value of Mobile Apps for Learning for the learners?

A key challenge L&D teams face is disengaged employees. In spite of the trainings being designed well and in line with the indications captured in the TNA, this challenge still continues to persist. One of the measures to counter this challenge is to embrace learning strategies that empower learners. This is where Mobile Apps for Learning fit in.

Given the daily challenges of distractions and multitasking, learners have limited time for training. They want to see training that’s in their control; it should be accessible on the go and preferably Personalized. The training format should be immersive and resonate with learners. Additionally, the training delivery should synchronize with their lifestyle, so they don’t need to carve out separate time slots for training. As an alternative, they can make use of the available slots in their day and utilize it to learn, practice, or explore. If you take a look at what Mobile Apps can offer for employee training, you will note that it ticks all these boxes.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest on Mobile Apps for Learning?

Mobile Apps for employee training line up equally well to what L&D teams want to establish. They help them offset the challenge of disengaged employees and provide high effectiveness, particularly on application and behavioral change. They also offset the Forgetting Curve and can be used across varied training needs. Even from the L&D teams’ standpoint, utilizing Mobile Apps for employee training makes business sense.

How can EI Design help you leverage Mobile Apps for Learning for your training programs?

With combination techniques like Microlearning and Gamification, we make the learning journey bite-sized/action-oriented, challenging, and rewarding. We recommend the usage of Mobile Apps particularly for trainings for Leadership, Sales, Professional Skills, Soft Skills, and Continuing Education. We can design these trainings as Personalized Learning journeys that leverage Microlearning based nuggets that are gamified. Our learning designs feature personalized feedback, room for reinforcement, practice, and proficiency gain. With spaced repetition, we can leverage Mobile Apps for behavioral change too.

How to Leverage Our Mobile Apps Based Solutions to Boost Training Impact


Empowers learners

Our approach will give your learners a sense of control and also encourages Self-Directed Learning.



Instead of logging on to the LMS and picking what they require, your learners now have the flexibility to access information at all times.



Besides the flexibility of anytime, anywhere training (a pre-requisite for remote learners), the Mobile Apps also enable them to learn when they “want to” rather than being “told” when they should.


Engaging/aligned to learners’ preferences

Our Mobile Apps formats are engaging and aligned to the extensive usage of smartphones during the day. They will keep your remote learners intrigued and engaged.


Appeals to the multi-generational workforce

Our Mobile Apps for learning appeal to not just millennials but also to your multi-generational workforce.


Learning as a continuum

Through our Mobile App based solutions, you can ensure that your learners have the latest updates through notifications. This just-in-time approach works well for both learners and L&D teams.


Instant, just-in-time support

The Just-in-time learning aids/instant job aids empowers the learners to find a checklist/ready reckoner or use the tips to quickly solve a problem.


Feedback and performance gain

The real time feedback keeps learners aligned to the required learning path and helps them practice and perform better.


Value for remote learners

The Mobile Apps are a great fit for employee training, as they provide a remote learning experience that is engaging, immersive, relevant, and personalized.


Real-time feedback

Our Mobile App solutions provide real-time feedback for learners to perform better and excel.

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