Next Gen Strategies

Trainings aim to improve performance or drive behavioral change but often a single strategy may not be adequate. Take a look at combining them through our Next Gen Strategies that will help you meet your mandate.


Next Gen Learning strategies are a combination of multiple successful strategies and will help you achieve a manifold increase in the impact.

Why you should adopt Next Gen Strategies for your training programs?

To be able to meet the learner’s expectations and the desired gain – performance or behavioral change, one strategy may not enable you to accomplish all the goals. This is where Next Gen Strategies fit in. They offer a combination of learning strategies and provide you the best of different immersive approaches.

By adopting Next Gen Learning Strategies, you can match the way modern learners are learning today or would prefer to learn. Key aspects of their wish list includes learning on the go – on the device of their choice, training that syncs up with their lifestyles, and flexibility to seamlessly move the training sessions across devices. They also want shorter, action-oriented training – preferably personalized. Finally, it must not be boring but have elements of fun as they learn.

How can EI help you incorporate Next Gen Strategies in your corporate training?

We offer a combination of mLearning, Microlearning, and Gamification to create an immersive learning experience and achieve sticky learning, its effective application on the job, skill building, and reducing proficiency gap. With the Next Gen Strategies, you can also influence change in thinking and trigger behavioral change.

We can create further combinations – trainings that are delivered in mLearning/Mobile App format and feature Gamified Microlearning (as nuggets or as a learning pathway). We can have Microlearning nuggets that could be Gamified elements or only the learning path featuring the nuggets may be Gamified. You can also integrate immersive approaches like Virtual Reality (VR) – in part or over a Gamified learning journey driven by the VR approach.

Our Next Gen Strategies to Influence Change in Thinking and Behavior


Gamified Mobile Apps for learning

Here we provide a Personalized Learning path, real-time tracking, feedback to the learners on the go, and offer triggers or calls to action.


Gamified Microlearning

We use this technique to offer short Gamified nuggets and weave in the concepts of levels or use the stand-alone nuggets as individual challenges or practice sessions.


Gamified Virtual Reality (VR)

We use this approach to augment Gamification into VR environments by enhancing the Scenarios in a VR environment to create a highly immersive approach.


Immersive Learning (Using Virtual Reality)

We offer 360-degree 3D and real environments, which simulate real-life situations and make the learner take decisions. This takes the engagement quotient to a different level, making learning truly “experiential.”


Next Gen Video Based Learning featuring Interactive Videos

Our customizable framework provides sticky learning experiences and active learning. It features multi-device support, SCORM and Tin Can API support, and a wide range of interactivities and knowledge checks.


Learning designs to leverage the power of LXPs

We design customized Next Gen eLearning solutions that you can use on your existing LMS with an LXP front end. These feature Microlearning based learning journeys (that can be Gamified) and are delivered as mLearning/Mobile Apps.


Predictive Learnability enabled mLearning/Mobile Apps for Learning

We can add Predictive Learnability (or Learning effectiveness) guidelines to ensure a sticky learning experience. 

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