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Learner Analytics and Reporting


What you need

Approaches to derive meaningful trends and interesting findings not seen previously to enable quick decision-making or change the way you practice now

What we bring to the table

  • Expertise to interpret your raw data into meaningful insights on learner performance and behaviour
  • Our analytics framework which enables:
    • Plugging in of Analytics into SCORM based courses to capture user data and store in an LRS
    • Reporting of these analytics into the web interface

How we can help you

We can help you get clear insights on what’s working for you and what’s not by:

  • Creating data analytical portals – We’ll take your raw data and build multi-device compatible data analytical portals to help you analyse patterns
  • Structuring your data – Irrespective of which format or source your data comes from, we’ll collate them and establish connects between them
  • Interpreting your data – We’ll look at your data from a Learning perspective and provide you with intelligent interpretation of it so you can make decisions accordingly
  • Providing you with an interface – To view and generate reports
  • Helping you personalise your learning – Our insights on learner behaviour will give you cues on their preferences

Not convinced? Take a look at this video:

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