Story Based Learning

Stories are a compelling read and help us connect to a narrative emotionally, thereby creating higher recall and retention. Take a look at how we create unforgettable and immersive learning experiences through our Story Based Learning approaches.


Make it real… write those stories down and transform them into a digital experience.  (Cammy Bean)

What is the value that Story Based Learning brings to the learners?

Learners love good stories – with Story Based Learning, you can introduce learners to new ideas and push them to rethink and re-evaluate their assumptions. Story Based Learning encourages and motivates learners to push their boundaries. It is engaging, easy to remember, and appeals to learners of all profiles. As a result, it can be leveraged as a learning strategy particularly to bring in change.

How can EI help you leverage stories for learning?

For corporate trainings, we use the story or a narrative as a thread to organize information that can provide a structured learning path to achieve specific learning outcomes. Sometimes, a narrative may not be able to connect all aspects of the training. In such cases, this scaffold (of the narrative) can be branched off to the other paths of the training.

Our Story Based Learning approach features a narrative with a cast of characters that are relatable to the learner. It will have a beginning – background or origin, a middle – build-up through challenges, and an end – a logical conclusion with take-aways or that which triggers the required action. The right blend of a captivating narrative and creative Instructional Design principles enable us to design a clear information structure that offers an immersive learning experience.

Essentially, we use the Story Based Learning approach to set a context that is relatable to learners and connect learners meaningfully to the content flow. Then, we drive action and add dollops of interest to dry or complex content. Finally, we facilitate higher recall and better retention.

Impact of Our Story Based Learning Approaches to Create the Desired Outcome


Drive attitudinal change

Use our stories help learners connect emotionally to the content and drive attitudinal change.


Sensitize learners

Use our Story Based Learning approach to highlight nuances and sensitize learners on specific issues.



Use the stories to simplify a complex subject.


Relatable and easy to assimilate

Convert an abstract concept into something that is relatable and easy to assimilate by utilizing our approaches.


Drive action

Leverage our Story Based Learning approaches to drive the desired action.


Decision making

Use our Story Based Learning approach to help your learners understand the consequences of their choices and ensure that they correct their future actions.

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