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L&D Advisory and Consulting

Ensuring Training Investments Drive Performance Gain and Maximize Training ROI

With over three decades of industry experience coupled with a world-class team of experts, we have developed proficiency and thought leadership in defining and implementing frameworks to build comprehensive L&D strategies. This helps power learning and skill development to meet organizational objectives. We can show you how to conduct needs analysis; define measurable metrics; recommend and implement Learning and Performance Ecosystems; and create evaluation methodologies to measure training effectiveness and ROI, unlock skills and potential, and drive deeper engagement for your workforce.

Our L&D Consulting and Advisory Services will help you develop a sustainable strategy for optimal Virtual Training Transformation, creating content for a diverse audience using Next Gen formats – to drive results, leveraging immersive learning technologies and redesigning content your learning technology stack.

With our deep expertise in learning science, human-centered design and upcoming technology trends, we can help you make the transition to a performance-centric culture with the right blend of learning strategies.

Our Solutions

L&D Advisory

EI has positioned itself as a strategic partner to tackle L&D challenges by applying an in-depth learner-centric and research-based approach. We address talent management, upskilling, reskilling, and performance enhancement, driving organizational competency through tailored frameworks and programs.

L&D Consulting

With EI’s comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach, one can drive continuous learning and performance gain, creating engaging environments with a measurable business impact. Our “LITMUS” framework ensures training investments maximize ROI and ROE.

Content and Curriculum Design

Our highly experienced team of learning experience designers and architects help create competency and skill-based curriculums targeted at upskilling your workforce to meet the ever-evolving needs of your business.


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