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Apps for Learning


Mobile Apps can be used to offer online (both formal as well as informal) training. They can be used effectively to digitize Instructor Led Training (ILT).


  • Both Microlearning and Gamification techniques can be used very effectively in Mobile Apps.
  • As a series of Microlearning nuggets, they can be used to offer formal training.
  • Their real impact can be felt when they are used to offer Performance Support Tools that are readily available within the learner’s work-flow to provide the required on-the-job support.
    • They are ideal for just-in-time learning aids (such as ready reckoners, checklists, tips, and so on).
    • They are a great fit to push data that can help learners achieve mastery (short bites that can be used to practice and achieve higher proficiency levels).
  • Mobile Apps can be easily updated and deployed quickly. Learners can be posted on the latest updates through notifications.
  • You can also personalize the assets for each learner (based on pre-tests or surveys).

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