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Personalization of eLearning


  • We, at EI, offer you a solution that features personalized learning for millennials using Gamification in a mobile app format.
    • The solution helps learners build their own personal brand by helping them understand their strengths and mitigating their weaknesses. Learners get to experience personalization right at the start where they can create their profile and choose an avatar.
    • After they log in, they have to answer a few questions on their personal traits and activities as part of a survey. Once they are done with the survey, they obtain 1000 points and are prompted to proceed with the learning journey.
    • Learners need to undergo a set learning path featuring microlearning nuggets such as videos, fun info nuggets, interactive content, exercises, and gamified quizzes. On the dashboard, learners can see their progress, leaderboard and points, social activity, feedback from mentors, specific resources or just-in-time aids, and so on.
    • This strategy enables you to align solutions close to learners’ interests and learning styles and help them achieve the required level of cognition.

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