Reach out to a wider audience in their own language. EI can help you create the master and then Localize your online courses into 35 global languages - on a turnkey basis.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that language barriers contribute to 25% of job-related accidents. DFW Airport took this to heart and offered safety practices localized into Spanish to its employees. (SHRM)

How can EI help you leverage Localization for your training programs?

We have experience of over 800+ hours of eLearning Localization in 35 languages. We provide a turnkey approach – from the development of the English master to its variants in 35 global languages.

As you undertake rapid Virtual Training Transformation to handle the remote workforce dynamics, we can help you convert your assets for VILT, Blended Learning, as well as supporting resources into multiple languages. We can regionalize them too – with region-specific imagery, scenarios, examples, case studies, and assessments.

Our Localization practice ensures low turn-around times. We use native translators and voice-over artists. We always include linguistic reviews of the Localized courses by external reviewers. For faster integration, we convert XMLs to word format, translate, and integrate them back into XMLs. Our practice includes multi-language SCO and content support for multiple devices.

EI’s Localization Expertise and Best Practices


A concrete pre-plan

We share insights on how to lay down a concrete pre-plan for your Localization requirements (as against taking it up after you’ve developed your course).


Evaluate key aspects during various stages

We also support you in identifying the key aspects during various stages from estimation, pre-planning, development of the master course to translation, audio recording, integration, and development of Localized courses that will help you localize successfully and avoid pitfalls.


Translations and audio approvals

We will help you sample translations and audio approvals so you can finalize translators and voice-over artists.


Linguistic reviews

We will help you with linguistic reviews of the online courses by external reviewers.


Regionalization of Virtual Training assets

We will assist you in creating regional variants of VILT, Blended, or Online courses and associated resources to make your content even more relevant to your learners.

Want to learn how you can leverage Localization to reach a wider audience as you undertake Virtual Training Transformation?

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