Are you on the lookout for techniques to localize your
eLearning courses? Personalize your courses with
EI Design’s expertise on Localization.


EI Design offers high quality, cost-effective eLearning Localization services for your learners that cut across geographies. Our service has established over 500+ hours of eLearning Localization in 31 languages! We can help you adopt the right strategy to customize and meet the expectations of your employees.

Our eLearning Localization service ensures:

  • Low turn-around times.
  • Translation and voice-over with native translators and voice-over artists.
  • Linguistic reviews of the courses by external reviewers.
  • Conversion of XMLs to word format, translating them and integrating back into XMLs for faster integration.
  • Multi-language SCO.
  • Content support for multi-device.

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Our eLearning Localization service can help you with insights on laying down a concrete pre-plan for your Localization requirements (as against taking it up after you’ve developed your course).

Additionally, we’ll help you with:

  • Unique aspects that you need to consider during various stages right from estimation, pre-planning, development of the master course to translation, audio recording, integration, and development of localized courses.
  • Sample translations and audio approvals so you can finalize translators and voice-over artists.
  • Linguistic reviews of the online courses by external reviewers.

To ensure successful Localization of your eLearning courses and improve employee engagement, get a free consultation from us.

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