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Although, a wide range of eLearning authoring tools are available, you need to adapt them to the changing learners’ needs and expectations and deliver the right training programs. At EI Design, we not only leverage the standard features of various eLearning authoring tools (for rapid or fully custom development), we customize them to create highly immersive learning experiences.


Authoring tools are up-and-coming in the learning industry. As L&D pros look for deeper, personalized, streamlined tools to help them develop instruction, authoring tools stand out as a powerful solution. - EdApp

How can EI Design help you get more from eLearning authoring tools for your training programs?

We keep pushing the envelope on eLearning authoring tools’ standard capabilities to create highly customized learning experiences. We support a wide range of responsive design tools that offer rapid development to design, tools that use a multi-device layouts-based approach to design, as well as adaptive design tools.

Responsive authoring tools that offer rapid development to designResponsive authoring tools that use a multi-device layouts-based approach to designAdaptive authoring tools
Adapt Learning.Adobe Captivate 2019.Articulate Storyline 360.
Articulate Rise.Trivantis – Lectora 19.iSpring 10.
CrossKnowledge – Mohive.Custom HTML5.
dominKnow – dominKnow ONE.
Evolve Authoring.
Gomo Learning.

Sleave is an HTML5 based content development tool to craft smart, impactful, and truly responsive content for eLearning, simulations, and games.

It provides excellent support for Section 508 and WCAG Guidelines and has a host of features to enable you to establish great accessible content quickly and easily.

Our learning designs leveraging this tool offer:

    • Truly responsive output (one output, multiple platforms).
    • Accessibility-compliant courses.
    • Highly customizable approach(customize anything and everything).
    • 4-step translations (single-publish, multiple outputs).
    • Role-based learning (with role selection features, divide a single course into multiple roles!).


The following list showcases our expertise in eLearning tools to help you engage your learners and maintain fast and efficient learning:

  1. Adapt Learning: This is a rapid eLearning authoring tool for a Mobile-first experience. In addition to leveraging the various interactive templates available in the tool, we have explored its capability to combine different templates to create an enhanced learning experience, for example, creating a Story Based Learning approach for a Compliance course in a rapid development mode.
  2. Articulate Rise: This is a rapid eLearning Authoring Tool to create Mobile-first courses with a variety of templates. We have been able to combine its various templates to create short Microlearning topics wrapped within a macrolearning framework.
  3. CrossKnowledge – Mohive: Mohive is a rapid eLearning authoring tool running on the CrossKnowledge platform. We have used its standard templates and custom features to create Scenario Based Learning (SBL), guided explorations, and Gamified activities. We have also used the interactive video feature extensively to provide a unique experience.
  4. dominKnow – dominKnow ONE: dominKnow ONE is the responsive eLearning authoring tool version of Claro. It has various templates available in the tool that can be used to create responsive courses in a rapid development mode. We can create a customized Interactive Story based learning approach to create a highly engaging and immersive learning experience.
  5. Elucidat: Elucidat has some great self-contained Microlearning templates. We have applied them in various types of courses that needed to be created by breaking down the content into smaller learning nuggets and interspersed with activities and downloadable resources.
  6. Evolve Authoring: The Evolve Authoring tool provides a great degree of customization in its inbuilt templates. We have used leveraged its tool features and templates to build a narrative around a character who drives the complete learning journey through scenarios, activities, and various types of engaging interactivities.
  7. Gomo Learning: Gomo Learning is a rapid eLearning Authoring Tool to create responsive courses using its wide range of templates and interactions. We have leveraged a variety of templates to create a custom looking learning experience.
  8. Adobe Captivate 2019: With its standard features of Virtual Reality experience learning, automatic device preview, Interactive Videos, and so on, we have created custom games with external JavaScript, custom UI Navigations, custom drag and drops, VR templates, and custom SCORM tracking.
  9. Trivantis – Lectora 19: Apart from its standard options of built-in interactions, layouts, and assessments, we have leveraged its features to create a custom menu with force navigation, customized drag and drops, enabled audio auto play for IOS devices, a customized assessment and result screen, integrated branch track, and an external VR template.
  10. Custom HTML5: With its standard features of animations and integration, we have created custom courses with a Microlearning approach that includes various Microlearning formats like Videos, short Scenarios, Gamified quizzes, and Infographic PDF resources.We have built a parallax web design approach to provide an enhanced user experience with a SCORM framework. We have also created virtual reality courses using custom HTML5 technologies and provided a SCORM output that runs on clients’ platforms independently.
  11. Articulate Storyline 360: We have completely customized the capabilities of the tool to provide a variety of learning strategies ranging from Scenario Based Learning, Gamification, Simulations, Interactive Videos, 3D interactions, VR, and so on, which are all multi-device compatible. We have customized the tool features to a great extent using the custom JavaScript coding.
  12. iSpring 10: This is a tool that allows for rapid conversion of PowerPoint slides into eLearning modules. We have also created flipbook-based courses that provide effective performance support tools.


Enhance learning experience

In addition to offering a Mobile-friendly/ Mobile first experience and leveraging the various interactive templates available in a particular tool, we can also combine different templates to create an enhanced learning experience.


Create an interactive / engaging experience through customization

Apart from the various templates available in a tool that can be used to create responsive courses in a rapid development mode, we also offer an Interactive Story based approach to create highly engaging and immersive learning experience.


Feature narratives with engaging interactivities

In some of the eLearning authoring tools, we have used tool features and templates to build a narrative around a character who drives the complete learning journey through scenarios, activities, and various types of engaging interactivities.


Provide a customized learning experience

We have the ability to leverage the variety of templates available in a tool to create a custom looking learning experience with approaches like Microlearning, Scenario Based Learning, Video Based Learning, Gamification, and so on.


Performance support intervention

With tools like iSpring, that enable a rapid conversion of PowerPoint slides into eLearning modules, we also create flipbook-based courses that can be used as highly effective performance support tools.

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