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Reach Diverse Learners at Speed, Scale, and Efficiency Through Our Training Delivery Strategies

From soft skills and technical training to on-the-job learning and compliance training, modern learners have drastically changed how they engage with content and learn. Compared to a few years ago, today’s learning is more fast-paced, multi-faceted, frequent, and adaptive.

Hybrid workplaces, changing social norms, and evolving workforce dynamics have meant a change in workplace realities. The modern learner values the importance of professional training as a means to achieving success in the workplace. A satisfied employee is also a more productive member of your team.

We align to the modern learners’ needs and mirror their learning choices through our training delivery strategies to meet core organizational objectives of being competitive, effective talent management, and sustained growth. From Mobile Learning to Microlearning, Localized, and regionalized content to Apps with Personalized Learning delivery and Blended Learning, we design and deliver for the success of your learning and development strategy.

Our Solutions

Mobile Learning

EI’s Mobile-first Learning ties training to job performance with learner-centric journeys. What’s more? We create robust Learning and Performance Ecosystems using LIFOW, Personalization, Gamification, Microlearning, and Performance Support Tools.

Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training solutions are customizable and can easily be configured for different roles/responsibilities. We also offer Personalization to deliver unique training for each learner as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Blended Training

An optimal approach that combines facilitated and Self-paced Online Learning, we help you create the right blend of ILT/VILT with Self-paced Online Training that would help boost your training impact.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Learning offers the user the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. Mobile Apps can be leveraged for trainings like Leadership, Sales, Professional Skills, Soft Skills, and so on.

Personalized Learning

Developed based on over 30 years of experience creating thousands of hours of eLearning, our in-house approaches are based on the concept of personalizing experiences for the learner.


Convert assets for VILT, Blended Learning, and supporting resources into multiple languages. Our Localization practice ensures low turn-around times, and we use native translators and voice-over artists.

ELearning Accessibility Considerations

EI’s Accessibility practice prioritizes sensory learning through cognition. Learn how you can customize your digital learning services to provide equal learning opportunities and fulfill eLearning Accessibility Considerations for learners.


EI’s Microlearning strategies aid in effective corporate training—supporting learning, application, and behavioral change—overcoming the Forgetting Curve, and creating a Retention Curve in a rich Learning and Performance Ecosystem.


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