Training Delivery

Modern learners are a demanding lot – they want training that can be consumed on the go, which can be “pulled” when needed, and accessible on demand.


If learning material is designed to be highly relevant and delivered in context then it is likely to be useful. (Charles Jennings)

How do learners want their trainings to be delivered today?

With changed workplace dynamics, training deliveries must address remote learner needs and mLearning is the way to go. They want learning to sync with their lifestyles with learning experiences that echo Google, Amazon, or Netflix-like accessibilities. They require highly personalized “career pathways” – not just access to “learning pathways.” They also see value in “continuous and self-directed learning” but it has to be provided in this environment.

What value does the business seek from the training investment?

Businesses want to see that employees have the right skills, and the training investment can help them meet their business KPIs. They also require the ability to measure the impact of training on employee performance and business parameters. By matching the needs of the modern learner, businesses can create better learning experiences and see an improvement in their training ROI.

How can EI help you deliver effective trainings?

We can help you realign your training delivery to meet the current mandate of what learners want and the business seeks. In the changed workplace dynamics, as you undertake rapid Virtual Training Transformation, we will recommend training design and delivery solutions that meet the expectations of learners and also ensure the business gains the required value.

Take a look at our training delivery solutions that include Mobile-friendly/Mobile-first trainings and Mobile Apps for Learning; Virtual Training; short, focused, action-oriented Microlearning; Personalized; and Localized Learning.

Training Delivery Solutions
Mobile Learning

With changed workplace dynamics, training delivery must cater to remote learners and mLearning is the way to go. Learn how we can offer Mobile-friendly learning designs to meet the entire spectrum of your training needs.



Microlearning has been the most talked about training approach in the recent past and it has moved to the center stage for Virtual Training and remote learning. Learn how you can apply action-oriented, bite-sized learning that helps learners meet a specific outcome.


Virtual and Blended Training

With remote working and social distancing at play, classroom training/ILT is not a feasible option right now. Find out how we can support you with rapid Virtual Training Transformation.


Mobile Apps

A close cousin of mLearning—Mobile Apps for Learning—offers the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. Learn how we can offer highly Personalized, just-in-time learning for you learners.


Personalized Learning

A significant challenge that L&D teams face with remote learning is how to keep the learners engaged. Find out how we can get your learners’ attention through Personalized Learning that offers highly relevant, custom content.



Reach out to a wider audience in their own language. Learn how we can help you Localize your eLearning courses into 35 global languages.


eLearning Accessibility Considerations

Given the changing dynamics in the global landscape, Accessibility is particularly important for learners with special needs. Learn how you can customize your digital learning services to provide equal learning opportunities and fulfill eLearning Accessibility Considerations for learners.


Want to realign your training delivery as you undertake Virtual Training Transformation?


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