94% of L&D professionals said that they prefer microlearning to traditional time-consuming eLearning courses because their learners prefer it.

– Boyette Study


With little time on hand and short attention spans, the last thing your learners want is a learning overdose and lengthy training sessions. The way you can crack it is to snack it. You guessed it right – Microlearning it is.

We have a range of 18 amazing Microlearning formats that can enhance your employee training strategies to a whole new level. When it comes to bite-sized learning, we’ve got an entire buffet of solutions spread out for you. We can package them in a variety of multi-device formats, including Mobile Apps, Short videos, Interactive Videos, Whiteboard animations, Kinetic text based animations, Interactive PDFs, Infographics, eBooks, iPDFs, Flip books, and Micro-portals with searchable resources.

Check out the Demo on our award-winning Microlearning solution to gain more insight.

Video on Using Microlearning Videos to Enhance Corporate Training

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How we can help you

Whether you’re new to Microlearning or are looking for better Microlearning approaches, we’ve got a range of solutions you can pick from.

We can guide you with pointers on:

  • Which training needs benefit from Microlearning.
  • How our solutions create the required performance gain.
  • How you can integrate approaches like Social Learning and Gamification.

We can also guide you with using Microlearning nuggets for:

  • Formal and Informal Training.
  • Performance Support in the form of instant job aids.
  • Various other training needs.
    • Compliance.
    • Soft Skills/Behavioral Change.
    • Professional Skills and Application simulations.

Look at our Case Study on Microlearning nuggets for more information.

Case Study

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