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9 Formats of Performance Support Tools (PSTs)


Performance Support Tools or PSTs constitute an effective supplement for formal trainings to boost employee performance. From providing just-in-time learning to assisting employees with on-the-job support, Performance Support Tools bring the required agility to corporate trainings. Essentially, Performance Support Tools help in bridging the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application.

For any business, Performance Support can be offered using multiple formats and tools. Keeping in mind the varying learner demographics, Performance Support Solutions can be offered in a variety of ways. Here are 9 examples of Performance Support Tools that can be used to boost formal trainings:

  • Mobile Apps for just-in-time information
  • Videos and interactive videos for instant information
  • Decision making scenarios for addressing complex situations at work
  • Whiteboard animations for long-term retention of information
  • Kinetic text animations for conveying difficult-to-visualize situations
  • Interactive PDFS for converting lengthy documents into user-friendly styles
  • eBooks for summing up key concepts, processes, and procedures used in formal trainings
  • Expert Videos and Webinars for providing training value-adds
  • Webcasts and Podcasts for easy, downloadable reference to watch/learn on-the-go



Using Performance Support Tools, businesses can accelerate the learning process and its eventual application on the job. The examples shared here illustrate how Performance Support Tools can ensure stickiness of learning thorough integration with microlearning-based strategies or coupling with platforms for social learning. With high advent of millennial workforce and Mobile learning (mLearning), Performance Support Tools hold the key to enhanced employee performance and a positive ROI on training. Organizations today are ready to make this shift towards informal learning by adopting Performance Support Tools and the wide range of solutions it offers. The ability to be used in conjunction with other learning strategies, such as Gamification and Learning Portals, provide the right blend for using Performance Support Tools in addition to formal trainings.

Technology allows integrating Performance Support Tools within the learners’ workflow thereby promoting learning continuum and improvement in the workforce performance. The variety of engaging formats for Performance Support appeal to different learner profiles and is an instant reckoner for most learners. Because Performance Support Tools depict the concept of anytime-anywhere learning, providing learners access to these learning aids encourages effective application on the job. It helps in attaining the “performance changing” learning that all Learning and Development teams aspire to achieve.

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