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When you’re looking for solutions, you’re looking for impact – Impact that would bring about the desired change in learner performance and a positive ROI on your training. That’s exactly what we’ve got. We have high-impact solutions and we aren’t just shooting the breeze with this one. We’ve got case studies for you where we identified the challenges, came up with apt solutions and saw the impact first hand.

Blended Learning

Onboarding, the Gamification way

Employee engagement has a lot to do with Induction and Onboarding. That’s where the employee’s journey with the organisation begins after all. Our latest Induction and Onboarding solution appeals to varied learner profiles as it is portal-based, comes with elements of Gamification to make the experience fun and engaging, helps learners learn through Microlearning nuggets in varied, innovative formats and invokes a sense of belonging and collaboration through Social Learning.

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Application simulation made interesting

Let’s face it! Learners need to see something new, something different from the age old “Teach-Try-Test” model. They want an application simulation experience that’s informative, challenging and fun at the same time. With a “Do It Yourself” concept and Gamification elements that make the simulation experience challenging beyond the “Teach-Try-Test” model, this solution truly makes application of learning an immersive experience.

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Application Simulation - Gamification
Blended Learning

Digitise classroom training

People say it is hard to beat the classroom training experience but trainers always face the challenge to host, track and manage from various locations.Packaged as a Mobile App that can host resources of various kinds (videos, images, PDFs and so on), this solution facilitates hosting, tracking and delivering classroom training sessions from anywhere. It’s a much better world for trainers now!

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Predict, Measure and Validate the learnability of online courses

Is it possible to predict, measure and validate the learnability or learning effectiveness of your online courses? Well, it most certainly is! We’ve done it and we’ve seen tangible gains accrue as a result. Want to see how?

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Learnability Online Course

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