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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Training

Values-Driven, Focused Learning to Improve Employee Retention and Customer Loyalty

Environment, society, and governance is now an economic differentiator and ethical mandate for companies. The companies who choose to make their businesses sustainable must involve their employees in this endeavor.

EI’s Sustainability Training Practice can help in developing the right perspective among employees, by simplifying complex sustainability concerns and meeting sustainability goals in a sustainable manner. We help gain insight into how new technologies, strategies, and changes in human behavior can drive innovative sustainability solutions. Take a look at EI’s expertise to help you with the digital transformation of your ESG Trainings.

How ESG Trainings Benefit at Different Org Levels

In the near future, being sustainable will be the only mantra of having a successful business. ‘Green mindedness’ has become a prime business agenda for many companies. Companies are constantly thriving to equip employees with information, insights and the skills necessary for inculcating ‘Green mindedness’.

But are employees as informed as they should be? A company is as good as its employees – hence, a robust ESG Training system is critical at all levels.

At the leadership level, it will help:

  • Enable employees to make ESG a part of their job
  • Create a motivated and satisfied workforce and establish the company as a responsible employer and ensure employee retention in the long run
  • Drive customer loyalty as a continued outcome of ESG initiatives
  • Raise your company’s market reputation, elevate your brand equity, and attract more talent

At the executive and employee level, it will help:

  • Oversee and drive sustainability initiatives within and beyond your organization
  • Theme-based learning path/journey
  • Navigate the trade-offs between implementing sustainability strategies and optimizing the business economy
  • Learn critical skills, understand how the world is shifting and the complexity of interrelated sustainability challenges

How Can EI Help You Create Effective ESG Trainings?

Pursuing the environmental, social, and governance impacts of a business is often met with tension. Leaders need to manage the misconception within business that meeting sustainability goals means compromising profits. To help mitigate this, EI has a rich portfolio of training solutions that can help any company prioritize ESG in an integrated way and deliver business-focused learning., we actively partner with L&D teams to:

  • Create end-to-end training designs centered around the organization’s ESG vision
  • Ensure more follow through for every training program rolled out
  • Drive continuous measurement and evolution of learning programs
  • Assess the learnability of the ESG Training programs and their impact on business outcomes

Our Expertise in Establishing an Efficient ESG Training Practice

At the core of our solutions, we align training initiatives with the company’s core values. Our Learning and Performance Ecosystem is a unique training effectiveness and impact evaluation framework that can help establish an efficient ESG Training practice. Using this framework we ensure the following:

  • Generating awareness: Use short videos, posters, emailers, or newsletters to trigger curiosity regarding the new change
  • Setting up a Formal Training process: Incorporate structured trainings with clear goals to trigger behavioral change in employees, that can be measured and sustained over a period of time
  • Creating a blueprint for change management: Create goals for a communication plan, identify roadblocks, and finally prepare a meticulous strategy for corporate training including a plan for upskilling trainers
  • Ensuring reinforcements: Learning aids such as infographics, mind maps, FAQs, factsheets, and more to ensure the strengthening of correct behaviors that are triggered by Formal Training
  • Promoting connect and outreach: Learning aids for continuum after the Formal Training is over and a space for Social Learning and collaboration

Our Delivery Strategies for ESG Training

To build the practice further, we propose that the delivery strategy leverages the following:

  • Self-paced learning using immersive learning strategies including Personalized Learning Pathways
  • Blended Learning that allows intervention from experts on key topics/concepts that need a deeper explanation or clarification
  • Optimal blend of Formal and Informal Learning to drive continuous learning and development, especially Social Learning to allow the exchange of different points of view and develop processes for collective actions and reflection over time

Provide your employees with the skills that are needed to make effective business decisions informed by sustainability – from stark environmental challenges to wider social equity – and provide leadership for your sector and clients.

What is Our Approach to Create World-class ESG Training Programs?

Our innovative L&D Advisory and Consulting framework guides the digital transformation of ESG Trainings, aligns with the business, gains executive buy-in and participation, and helps manage change with agility. Our aim is to help create a ESG Training ecosystem that focuses on:

  • Immersive learning: Formal Learning following a combination of techniques including Case Based Learning, Gamified Diagnostic Exercises, Deep Reflective Practices, and Interactive Collaboration
  • Platforms and delivery channels: Identifying the most appropriate technological mediums and delivery strategies that effectively convey the training content
  • Learning culture: Focusing on continuous and Self-Directed Learning through reinforcements (Microlearning) and collaboration (Social Learning)
  • Evaluation methodology: Choosing the right evaluation model to measure the business success of Sustainability Training as well as provide continuous feeders to upgrade and improve the training programs
  • Sales and Services Trainings
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Medical Education
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Airlines, Aviation, and Aerospace
  • Beverage and Tobacco
  • Automotive Sector

Our Sustainability Training Programs have catered to many different learning requirements ranging from Insurance to Compliance to Manufacturing and more.

Our approach helps in ensuring that learners form well-grounded strategies for making sustainability a reality in their organizations, industries, and communities.

Ranked #1 in the eLearning Industry’s list of Top Content Providers for custom eLearning.

Gold Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy by Brandon Hall Group.

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