Virtual and Blended Training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have transitioned to a WFH model. We can help you with the right strategies that L&D teams can adopt for Virtual Training to engage remote learners.


Companies using eLearning see a revenue per employee increase of 26%. eLearning can cover up to 5x the material of ILT in the same amount of time. (eLearning Learning)

What is the value of Virtual Training in the changed workplace dynamics?

Given the fact that classroom-based training may not be feasible for the near future, how should this be flipped proficiently to a remote mode to offer the same value? The answer lies in adopting Virtual Training. Delivering high impactful training is a bet you can win if you implement the right strategy – we can help you in this mandate.

While the trigger for rapid Virtual Training Transformation is on account of the changed workplace dynamics (work from home), it offers value to learners at several levels. It offers the flexibility to learn when/where you want (especially from home!). It is scalable and aids learning requirements of small as well as expanding, large remote workforce. It is adaptable in the sense that it is available on multiple learning devices, platforms, and operating environments.

How can EI help you in your Virtual Training Transformation endeavor?

We have deep expertise in helping our customers in their journey of Virtual Training Transformation. We can help you at multiple levels:

  1. Embarking on the Virtual Training Transformation journey: What are the delivery choices and how to opt for the right one.
  2. Mitigating the challenge of engaging remote learners: What tips, strategies, and best practices would help.
  3. Future-proofing your Virtual Training Transformation strategy: How to realign the L&D strategy through our Learning and Performance Ecosystem based approach.
  4. Creating high-impact Virtual Training: We offer the complete range of options to create VILT, Blended, or Fully Online Trainings that can address the entire range of your corporate trainings. We work with you all the way from training design, learning journeys at a distance, and then ascertaining the training effectiveness and impact.

Our Virtual Training solutions are customizable and can be easily configured for different roles/responsibilities. We offer Personalization to deliver unique training for each learner as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Approaches to Deliver High-impact Virtual Training


Move ILT to VILT

We will help you transition from a 100% face-to-face session to Virtual Training where the session is delivered by the instructor virtually.


Enrich and enhance VILT

We provide recommendations on interactions and collaboration through platforms as you transition from ILT to Virtual Training in the VILT mode.


Repurpose VILT sessions

Once the Virtual Training is completed, we re-purpose its recording into Microlearning formats that can be tracked (SCORM compliant). We add Intros, Outros, and Assessments to make this experience more relevant and engaging for remote learners.


Deliver Blended Learning

An optimal approach that combines facilitated and Self-paced Online Learning, we help you create the right blend of VILT with Self-paced Online Training or Blended Learning 2.0.


Transition to Fully Self-paced Online Training

We provide a wide range of options to offer Virtual Training by going Fully Online and offering completely Self-paced Training, in an mLearning format.

Want to learn how you can deliver Virtual Training as impactful as your ILT programs?

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