EI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good he has done to his fellow men.

Mahatma Gandhi

We, at EI, partner with our customers in their Digital Transformation journey. We help them deliver high-impact Learning and Performance Support solutions that offer a high engagement quotient, drive employee performance, and deliver high ROI for the Learner, Business, and Organization.

But this is not all we do! We don’t just cater to Fortune 500 companies with their training needs, but we are also conscious of the impact we create in the larger social spectrum—our corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is to work toward contributing to societal goals by focusing on education, gender equality and empowerment of women, transforming the lives of people with special needs, as well as providing scholarships to nursing students.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

We strongly believe in doing what is right and aim to touch a few lives along the way. Here are a few of our corporate social responsibility initiatives that we’ve undertaken to become a socially responsible organization.

EI’s Corporate Social Responsibility Focus

We are active supporters of promoting education, including special education and employment-enhancing vocational skills especially among children, women, and the differently abled, and livelihood enhancement projects; monetary contributions to academic institutions for establishing endowment funds, chairs, laboratories, etc., with the objective of assisting students in their studies.

Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women
We have undertaken specific initiatives to -promote gender equality and empowering women; set up homes, hostels, and day care centers for women and orphans; set up old age homes and such other facilities for senior citizens; and adopted measures to reduce inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups.

As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative, here are the causes we currently support.

Lending a Hand to People with Special Needs

APD, India, is an NGO that’s transforming the lives of underprivileged people with special needs since 1959. Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, they run extensive programs in rural and urban Karnataka to enable, equip and empower children and adults with a range of special needs including locomotor, spinal cord injury, speech and hearing, cerebral palsy, and to some extent, mental issues. Till date, they have impacted 500,000+ lives of people with special needs.

Education for Tribal Children and Women

Nareshwadi Learning Centre (NLC) was established in 1991 to provide holistic education for children of migrant tribal communities. The guiding force has been the vision of empowering children to reach their dreams. NLC comprises a trust-run government-recognized school from KG to Grade 10, hostels for girls and boys, a government approved children’s shelter home for 100 destitute children, the school farm and nursery, the school health center, and a vocational training center. All education and training, boarding, and lodging are provided free of cost. Six hundred and six underprivileged children are currently learning at NLC.

NLC also works with tribal women to stop them from migrating so their children attend school. More than 1300 women have graduated from the program over the last 6 years. This program promotes vegetable and mogra farming and horticultural plantations like mango, moringa, papaya, and banana.

Nursing Scholarships

EI offers scholarships to nursing students from weaker economic sections of the society to complete a diploma (3 years) or degree (4 years) course on nursing at the KJ Somaiya College of Nursing in Mumbai. Both the programs are recognized by the Indian Nursing Council.

The institute has excellent faculty and well-furnished laboratories. The institute has been labeled among the Top 20 Upcoming Nursing institutes. The opportunity to study at the prestigious KJ Somaiya College of Nursing can be lifechanging for the students and their families. The college has a 100% placement record.

Girls’ Education Project – IIMPACT

IIMPACT is an NGO that has been providing quality education to girls from economically and socially marginalized sections of India since 2002. The initiative’s mission is to enable, empower, and encourage non-school-going girls to develop their social independence through education provided by learning centers across India. IIMPACT, with the ultimate goal of transforming the entire community, has so far substantially influenced many women’s and their families’ lives.

Mental Healthcare – Sambandh Health Foundation

Sambandh Health Foundation is a for-purpose organization based in Gurugram, India, that works to increase awareness about physical and mental illness, while also providing education, proper treatment, and community-based support to people living with mental illness. This program aims to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and also disseminates information on them to enable individuals to regain their social worth and live with dignity.

Support for Physically Disabled Children – Prem Charitable Trust

Amadalli, Karnataka-based Prem Charitable Trust is a project with the goal of boosting literacy rates and decreasing poverty among the youth living in rural and isolated communities. The trust offers medical care, vocational training, and helps intellectually and physically disabled children through initiatives that address poverty, health, and education issues. Their programs commit to significantly improving the lives of the poor and enabling them to participate in society in an equitable and independent manner.

Remedial Education for Special Children – REACH, Remedial Education and Centre for Holistic Development

Remedial Education and Centre for Holistic Development (REACH) is an alternative school that provides remedial education for students with learning disabilities. Founded in 2002, this Mumbai-based organization focuses on providing a nurturing environment for specially-abled children where they can mature, acquire the abilities and attitudes necessary to land a desired job, and thereby significantly improve the quality of their lives.

Imparting Higher Values of Life – Vedanta Cultural Foundation

Vedanta Cultural Foundation is a public charitable trust dedicated to disseminating knowledge about life and the challenges it presents. The organization, which was founded in 1988, provides full-time residential courses in ancient Indian philosophy to students from all over the world. The course intends to instill higher moral principles through knowledge and interpretation of sacred texts, resulting in an awareness of one’s identity and comprehension of the truth of existence.

“We aim to be a top example of being socially responsible and work with the intent of giving back to society. We continue to look at more avenues toward the betterment of society and are dedicated to making the world a better place by doing our bit of corporate social responsibility.”