On an average, learners forget about 70% of the
content within 24-48 hours of formal training.
Performance support is a way to extend formal training.


Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

There are times when learners need instant help – when learning something for the first time, when trying to remember something or when something goes wrong. You’ve got to have approaches that can provide learners with this “just-in-time” learning. This is where Performance Support Tools (PSTs) fit in.
They are also a great way to mitigate the “forgetting curve” by providing reinforcement.
We offer PSTs or instant job-aids as an extension of Formal Training (eLearning, mLearningclassroom, or blended) and as Microlearning nuggets in the form of:

Take a look at the different formats of PSTs that you can use for corporate training.

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How Can We Help You

EI Design offers learning and performance ecosystem-based approaches. This leads to “learning as a continuum” by:

  • Bringing in a combination of various kinds of learning.
  • Blending Learning – Formal and Informal.
  • Supplementing Formal Learning with Microlearning nuggets and Performance Support Tools.

Look at our free eBook on how to integrate Performance Support Tools (PSTs) into your corporate training.

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Additionally, we can help you:

  • Mine your existing Knowledge Assets and determine if they can be converted into PSTs.
  • Carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and map the need to Formal or Informal Training.
  • Craft a learning path/learning journey for your formal/informal training needs incorporating elements of Social Learning.

To gain a holistic approach by implementing PSTs in your training or to look at different formats in which PSTs can be offered, get a free consultation from us.

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