Performance Support Tools

Performance Support Tools (PSTs) are just-in-time learning aids that facilitate the application of learning. Available at the moment of their need, we offer a wide range of PSTs that will boost your training impact.


Statistics show that performance support can dramatically reduce costs by shortening the amount of software training by up to 20%.  (Francine Haliva)

What is the importance of PSTs in corporate training?

PSTs are specific learning aids or job aids that support learners exactly at the moment of their need. They are valuable in helping learners improve application of learning or address a specific challenge. Short, focused, and action-oriented, they support Formal Training and are designed to be available in the learner’s workflow, rather than having to log on to the LMS and secure this specific information.

How do PSTs help learners?

PSTs are learners’ delight as these learning resources are within their workflow and are packaged specifically to help them or address their needs. They assist them to complete their tasks in shorter time and with the desired quality, particularly when Formal Training is not available. They can help them understand complex tasks and processes in a simplified way. PSTs are a great way to learn about upgrades, new systems, or when anything is introduced afresh in the process/workflow.

Why should organizations and L&D teams consider PSTs?

PSTs assist Formal Training to level up the stickiness of learning and its resulting application on the job. You can integrate Microlearning-based strategies to create them and see the application index increase. Group them with platforms for Social Learning and you will see a boost in your training impact.

How can EI help you integrate PSTs in your corporate training strategy?

We help our customers integrate PSTs at various levels. We identify the portions from the Formal Training program that you want your learners to remember, check, refer, or apply and use PSTs to reinforce those messages. These PST nuggets are designed to be stand-alone assets aligned to meet specific learning outcomes. We also weave the PSTs into a “learning path” and keep the knowledge thread relevant and in an appropriate sequence over the course of your identified training period. Here, we often blend the power of reinforcement with improved assets for higher recall, retention, and application of the knowledge acquired on-the-job.

The result? We are able to demonstrate a dip in your Formal Training costs and an increase in learner performance and productivity.

Our PST Formats that Improve the Application of Learning and Boost Training Impact


Mobile Apps

The very fact that these apps are “mobile” aid learners in obtaining timely information and Performance Support anytime, anywhere.



The most sought-after PSTs—the fact that “How-to” searches shoot up 70% every year on YouTube justifies it. Pick from our wide range of interesting animated video formats that are easy to develop and create high impact.


Interactive Videos

Videos are tough to use when you have longer run lengths. Instead you can opt for our Interactive Video Based Learning that comes with a range of user interactions.


Decision-making Scenarios

When learners are stuck in a complex situation at work, we offer Performance Support in the form of decision-making scenarios to help them achieve higher retention of learning and application on the job.


Whiteboard Animations

Animations and illustrations catch your eye instantly. When packaged as a PST, they not just capture learners’ attention but retain it and help them internalize the learning effectively.


Kinetic Text/Animations

They’re extremely handy when we want to convey concepts that are difficult to visualize—highly suited for summarizing workflows, procedures, and checklists.


Interactive PDFs

We offer learners Performance Support in the form of Interactive PDFs with a touch of user-friendly navigation and appealing visuals. We use them extensively to present tips, checklists, fact sheets, and so on.


Infographics and Interactive Infographics

We use Infographics to support Formal Training as learning summaries or ready reckoners. The next avatar, Interactive Infographics, allow you to pack more content and create higher engagement.



We use this format to convert your documents into multi-device and HTML5 compatible resources. We can also integrate audio and video options to boost the impact.


Expert Videos, Webinars/Recorded Webinar

Expert insights are always treated with respect by learners. We leverage expert videos, webinars, and recorded webinars that have plenty of takers in the learner community.



The ease/flexibility to access them on-the-go makes webcasts/podcasts ideal for PSTs. They are crisp and engaging, much to the preference of the present-day learners.

Our PSTs can be aligned easily to your other key learning strategies like mLearning (by making PSTs in mobile-friendly formats) and Microlearning so that they work for your remote workforce. We also leverage Gamification and create variants to suit the expectations of your multi-generational workforce.

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