7 Examples of Responsive eLearning Designs – for Higher Engagement and Better Learning Experience

POSTED ON: July 17th, 2019

Mobile Learning, or learning on the go, provides multi-device support. This means that all Mobile Learning courses run seamlessly across devices ranging from smartphones or tablets to desktops or laptops. Additionally, they can move between devices during a given course with the flexibility to resume on another device exactly from where they left on a given device.

Gradually, there seems to be a shift from offering this multi-device support that features a fixed layout (Mobile friendly or Adaptive eLearning design) to a dynamic design (Mobile first or Responsive eLearning design) that automatically adapts to the viewable area of each device. Take a look at this video that showcases 7 examples of Responsive eLearning designs for higher engagement and better learning experience.

As you would have noted, our Responsive eLearning designs offer optimal viewing across devices, which creates a better learning experience. Learning interactions are also optimized for mobile devices, thereby creating higher engagement.

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